Street Workout VS Power Street Artist – Czech Strength Wars #4

I am Patrik Semerák, I´m 24 and I´m into
calisthenics – Sets and reps – Real Money Strength wars is really interesting project
I wanted to be in ´cause I want to show that we – Calisthenic guys – are strong too.
We are complex sportsmen and can be a real challenge for another guys who lift. I´m a “street artist” known as Joey Dark I am 26…still… And my sport is…everything and nothing…
Just what I like at the moment…without any plan… Why am I in Strength Wars? It is fun…
I like it… I like to compete. It is a battle… and that is all about.There is no winning or
losing – just fight and thats it. My strengths are dips, push ups and any
pushing exercises… My strengths are my mind and heart. I won´t give up a sh*t. Dying or throwing
up doesn´t matter. I don´t care…I´m going in! I don´t know my oppoment at all. I don´t know his sport
but I know I will leave everything there and I´ll beat him! I´ve seen only a few videos about my opponent
just when they told me his name. But I think that condom hat and pole dance
won´t help to beat me… I will push it till the end, leave there
everything… I think that we can expect the battle till
the end. We will leave everything there… It will be a massacre till the end. The first are dips..It is great. That is
my strength. I don´t care about weight or reps. But I will
dominate there… The second are pull ups with added 20kgs.
I think that I will struggle there. Because I´m not that good in pull ups…
But let´s see… Hand stand push ups. Another great for me.
But really hard right after the pull ups. But I think there is a really great
chance for me too. The massacre to the end. Deadlifts with
140kgs for 20 reps. That will be really exhausting for both of
us. I think it will be the game changer… Deadlift. My weakness… I don´t do it at all… It is not even the part of calisthenics…
But let´s see… Maybe I will surprise you… Patrik…Thank you for the honor to fight you. From my respect is derived that I will
leave everything there… I will die for it. So it will be the toughest battle you ever
had. I promise you. Man… I don´t know who you are, what
sports you are in. I don´t care. There are rules changing. This is street.
I look forward for you to come here And get your ass kicked! Hey guys! Here we have another
Strength Wars! Today we will witness all-around athletes
they are used to work with their bodyweight more than with brutal loads on a barbell. We will
see dips, pull ups…and in the end there will be a barbell prepared for deadlift… Here we have Patrik Semerák – street workout. And all-around athlete who told me he does
everything and nothing – Joey Are you ready gentlemen? 3…2…1…FIGHT! The first…dips with added 30kgs… 20 reps… No pause! No pause! The next…pull ups with added 20kgs… Come on Joey! Come on up! Come on up! It is yours! COME ON! COME ON! It is pull up! It is yours! Come on! One more! 5 more! How many? “15…5 to go…” 15 to 9… COME ON!!! Thats it!!! Thats it! Breathe! The next one…Hand stand push ups. Breathe! It is all yours! It is all yours! NICE! Come on! Push it! Come on! It is your exercise! Come on! 5 more! Easy money! Patrik is in the lead of almost one whole
exercise! But watch out! Joey is used to do deadlifts… Patrik doesn´t! One more! Everything may be decided in one last
discipline! Come on! Push it! He is in the lead
with one whole discipline! COME ON! PUSH IT!!! COME ON! COME ON!!! KILL IT!!! COME ON!!! DONT DROP IT!!! IT IS YOURS!!! COME ON!!! COME ON PATRIK!!! 15 reps to 11 reps! Everything is
upside down like always! JOEY COME ON!!! 5 more JOEY! LIKE NOTHING! FIGHT!!! Here we have these amazing medals… One for the winner and the second for the
warrior… I´ll start with warrior who fought
greattill the last breath. I´ll start with Patrik. Great applasue for him! Amazing performance! And the winner today is Joey who took it
back during handstand pushups and deadlifts Congrats! See you next time with another brutal fight
where will be weights, barbells, blood, sweat… Another Strength Wars! And more brutal and
tougher fights! With new athletes! Nice! Wasn´t it???

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