Street Workout VS Powerlifting – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #9

100 Replies to “Street Workout VS Powerlifting – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #9”

  1. You need to do Gymnast/olympic lifting vs something

    and crossfit vs something.

    Maybe Olympic lifting vs Cross fit?

    AMAZING content/production quality.

  2. Супер!!! Молодцы, отличное шоу, главное не победа. А то, что занимаются спортом!! Красавцы

  3. In my books Romano wins. He only had problems with Pull-Ups, rest of the exercises were easy for him, especially the Squats.

  4. obviously the competition is unfairly weighted to favour calisthenics over power lifting (which a powerlifter wouldn't normally be doing dips or chin-up anyway and a calisthenics traine would be doing them all the time) so these strength wars can be a bit crap. the german is the real winner considering that the squats were the only power lifting exercise and they came last

  5. It’s clear that calisthenics guys should supplement leg training with squats and deadlifts and other free weight leg exercises as that seems to be callisthenics only weakness

  6. All those guys who are complaining about bell
    Let me tell you one thing, if you keep working on gym you may have strength but you would lost your presence of mind and intelligence .. if you go out you will have new experience every day , you will be more conscious about everything

  7. He asks us if we have what it takes to compete in something like that. Well we're not on roids so no we don't have it

  8. Powerlifter was the actual beast when it came to dips & squats he was just unstoppable the only thing he lacked was pull ups that too because of his body weight

  9. Seems fake. Im certain a powerlifter the size of Romano could bust out 20 reps of squats with 225lbs without even needing a break. Plus the way he missed the Bell was silly.

  10. Both were great warriors of iron. But never underestimate the calisthenics guy. Goes to show you don't have to pump iron to be a beast.

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