“STRENGTH” – A Short Film by Inanna Sarkis

“A short film by Inanna Sarkis” (depressing music playing) (water splashes) “Hey” LELE:(Hey, so what are we doing here? Why are we outside?) GIRL:( I didn’t want anybody to hear us but um I just wanted you to check out Greg and..)LELE:(oh no) GIRL:(It’s just he got me all messed up(sighs)) (giggles) GIRL: (whoa) GIRL:(sound of marching boots) (knocks) (message sounds) MAN:( Hey) MAN: (Come on in) (Unaudible) (laughs) STRENGTH MARK:(Ooh food I’m hungry) Inanna:( Mark do you mind? Its for the guests.) (throws food) (Music Plays):(Sometimes she loves me and I love her too) (even when she lies I know that its true) (she may not be perfect but f***k it she’s perfect) (my beautiful tragedy) MARK: (I missed you) LADY:( When are you gonna leave her?) MARK: She’s going through a lot right now for a girl MARK:( I’ll leave her when the time is right) LADY: (ok) GIRL: Well, I just don’t think it’s the right timing… I think you’re beautiful so… Response: Thank you. Background voice: *Oh* Look who the f#$% it is. ‘Sup gringa I thought we were friends! I mean we are… but, they are just more… of my fun, than you are and they really don’t like you. Cute little white girl

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  1. Yo that was so racist I am black but I got white friends all over and I almost no black friends but just because I’m black doesn’t mean I can be friends with white kids like oh my god it’s annoying like MLK I would say that opposites attract skin through personalities so don’t bully someone because of their skin

  2. Her videos are so meaningful to me because I have been in her situation. I am not trying to hate on any other youtubers but she is so meaningful and puts real situations in it. I love her so much!💖

  3. Inanna: Has a gun

    Me: “I hope she do it”

    Me:*Hears another gunshot*

    Inanna:* Falls on the ground*

    Me: “I didn’t want you to do that he’s already dead”

  4. Can somebody comment the song, when she sits in the chair and drinks wine and has a gun on her hand? Please ???

  5. Innana writes really powerful stories and she should be proud. this story really connected with me and one day her videos will pay off. I hope that she realizes the power her stories have and continues. i'm a average person and only about 4/10 stories connect with me, this one did. I hope to one day see her a famous producer and a actress as she is very very talented. thank you Innana for letting me see this side of life and don't every give up. xxx

  6. I hope that was the situation although it’s not fair. I hoped because the situation changed that men are literally worshipping the feet of women

  7. i know she has the artists of the songs in the description but what are the songs called i love them all sm omg

  8. I've gotta say her short films are so amazing it would be really cool if she made a movie or something. It's just that's all of her films really say something like they all mean somthing really deep

  9. Innana is so great she makes videos that really get to people and she understands me and the hurt that other people fell because of a mN

  10. This truly made me stronger thank you because I always get bullied by people thank you so much but I also had suicidal thoughts

  11. all i have to say is WOW! u r so amazing!! this actually made me tear up! love u and keep doing what u do!! <3

  12. The depressing music in the start makes me feel like it’s a old abandoned place,where no one cares about anything anymore.

  13. Inanna is strong 💪and brave to make a video like this 👍. I loved this film like any other of her films. I hope that this helps today 's society. Love you, Inanna , sending love from Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean.

  14. Honey g, mean no dis but this ain't enpowering anybody. ConstructIve criticism if I may proceed. Sending mix signals out, contradicting the title of your short movie. Weak and powerless all because a loser cheats and beats. Not worth the time and energy or in this matter of fact promoting suicide, no romeo or juliet. To be or not to be. No offence you paint a picture you think everybody should live a life of misery because of some dick.

  15. if your still watching in 2019 trying to figure out wat song it is at 3:53. go on soundcloud and look up under and you’ll find the song 😄

  16. I’ve been going through bad times and I really want to end it but I haven’t, the only thing is I don’t know how much more I can take and it’s really affecting me and all my friends can see it

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