Strength and Conditioning : Neck Strengthening

we’re focusing on neck strengthening today
the more we can get our athletes stronger in that region the better off we’ll reduce the likelihood
of any serious cervical spine injuries and concussions we’ll focus on four areas of the neck four exercises you can do to help strengthen the neck of your football athletes the first thing is the setup you can use
of a box you can use a chair you make to sure that your athlete is in the upright position here ok so they’re
upright make sure that they’re nice and stable here
their abdominals head neck in line with the spine you don’t want
them slouched over as we don’t wanna put any undue pressure on the neck some of your athletes may get into this position here where they want to
shrug and get tight through the neck we want them loose and relaxed here shoulder blades back
down and then from that position there okay the first one will work on neck flexion forward flexion use a towel at home a bed sheet
out practice field towel as well this towel just allows you to grip your hands
in here so you don’t put any undo pressure on their head more work in a different
motions ok gonna put that right above their forehead right over the top you can just interlock your hands over the top
of the towel okay you want to give them enough resistance that they’re strengthing the neck but not so much that they’re jerking through
that movement and cause any undue stress on the neck okay so i’ll put light pressure
then i’ll resist him down now let him come back to that turning
point resist them down again again working forward
flexion here make sure that their staying upright through here and not losing that position we’ll go ahead and do a set of ten here resist and again we’re working on forward flexion there’s five good the stronger we can get the neck that better off the athlete to help reduce the chances of a cervical injury
or concussion so that’s forward flexion now wanna work extension to come to the
back of the head he’s going to start in that flex position but i’m gonna resist him in extension so we got neck extension here
again we’re gonna do a set of ten grip the towel around the head put
pressure through here where grip your hand around their ears okay some I’m resisting back in extension I’ll let him go back to the starting
point under control good the key is make sure they’re staying braced through their front side side to the ads
that they’re not loosing that postural position again just give them enough resistance that they’re working that range of motion
sega strip a not so much opening undue stress on the net do three more good one two and three so thats neck extension we worked ford flexion we
worked extension so now we’re gonna go lateral flexion to the right so you’re gonna start tilt their head down to the left you take your towel or your bed sheet if you’re
at home place it right over the ear put your opposite hand on the shoulder here ok
now helps again keep those shoulders backing down so they’re not shrugging putting any undo stress on that nexk so we can
get total neck strengthening so you place the hand here resist them over good they let him go back to that starting position resist there you’re working lateral
flexion to the right gentle pressure enough so they can get strength in the neck but not so much where they have to force that movement and any undue stress on the spine in this case the cervical again a set of a ten good number to start with
but make sure they’re efficient reps with three more two and three good now we’ll do flexion to the left same starting
position now we’ll just start him to the right towel on the outside of their head right over the
ear place your hand on the opposite shoulder and we’ll work lateral flexion to the left ok we’ll go a set of ten keep in mind make sure they’re postural control is intact and they’re staying tight
through the abs on the front side now five more three two and one that’s neck strengthening lateral flexion
right and left the last one we’ll work again talk about the
game of football played in multiple directions we will work rotation to the right and left you take the towel wrap it gently here around in the cheek chin
area we’re gonna start rotation to the right light pressure enough so we get some work in but not so
much that they’re jerking through that range of motion because any
undue stress on the neck so I’ll put pressure here through the cheek and chin again opposite hand on the shoulder I’ll resist him to the right good he’ll go back to the starting point
nice and easy here nothing rigid but enough to work the muscles of the neck so again at their protective armor for
the football field again another set of ten five that’s it six seven through across eight nine and ten good rotation to the left same starting
position rest that hand on the shoulder and placement chin cheek area and here we go another set of ten one good keep their head neck in line with the spine
two three four good five make sure they maintain that postural control tight to the front side seven eight nine and ten good job by doing these exercises you create a
better safer experience

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  1. Are you applying any eccentric resistance? That is not quantifiable collection of useless movements. There is not enough resistance to cause any type of positive adaptation. I hope these players are not gaining a false sense of security which would only lend to making a bad problem worse.

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