Strength and Conditioning Training // RealWorld Tactical

what’s going on YouTube we’re back again
here at knockout zone down in Miami Florida trying to get a nice little
video going on for you guys today I’m gonna be doing a little bit of physical
agility work today some said pulling some strongman
training a little bit of a mix of everything
I might actually end up doing some some MMA as well see how I feel after the day
I have a couple days back-to-back where I’m gonna be training pretty hard so
I’ll see how I feel towards the end and then we’ll go from there other than that
uh first off I’m gonna start off by stretching doing a little bit of warm-up
and then I’ll start I’m gonna start with some lateral pulls and some medicine
ball tosses I’m gonna be using XD fit official that Kevlar base stuff some
more testing on that going on so I hope you guys enjoy and let’s get ready let’s
do this so I did drill a couple different times
I did one drill where the ball comes to my chest
and I push it out and then I did another drill where I actually hold the ball and
then use my hips throw the ball back at Diego two different variations you guys
can try they both work two different aspects and elements of the actual drill
itself alright guys the next row is gonna be an
explosive and sled push drill so we just did sled pulling so now we’re going to
be sled pushing so it’s three different jumps at three feet high in turtle do
three quick jumps one two three and then hit the sled it’s about a 225 230 pound
sled and hit this letters hardest boss pushing it with as much momentum as
force and trying to keep that momentum of course going to point our time moving
your legs very quickly and fast so that’s the point is true it’s about what
it humming how long is that how far is that forty yards about forty yards all right guys so as you saw I did some
explosive stuff some speed works and with dirty work
I pulled the sled push the sled I did about three or four different exercises
I did some water warm ups as well before that nothing crazy today I have another
training day tomorrow so I wanted to keep it a little bit light I want to do
something and make stuff but my right shoulders been bothering me a little bit
lately so I’m gonna skip them and make today probably do it next week my
shoulder feels a bit better hope you guys liked it let me know subscribe
follow me on Instagram on to the next one you

34 Replies to “Strength and Conditioning Training // RealWorld Tactical”

  1. Wat is there not to like. Just want to let you know. Your vidoes and information . Has made me get off my fat ass and loose some weight. Incorporating this training into when we go to range and shoot as well. Keep up the hard work . . . Thanks again. Tony.

  2. Hulk 🦍🦍🦍. Ur a fucking beast dammm💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥🔥👌🏼👌🏼

  3. Biggest man alive in the combat world, I've been watching ur bids for three years now and u always inspiring me in joining the combat world to help humanity as a whole and will love being ur disciple …….that's has been a dream and will make it a reality with ur help…bigups senior.

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