100 Replies to “STRENGTH CHALLENGE | Vlog 1 S 2”

  1. Osvaldo is the kind of guy you expect to be weak when he wears a shirt but will mindfuck your fantasy on strength once he does his shits, just like a silent warrior in kung fu movie with hidden strengths lol

  2. you know im tryng workouts too but sometimes I get disappointed about my self I open youtube I see your video I open it how you do pull ups or anythink and I always get motivated again

  3. If you may be doing videos with weights, write down where you are on the screen. How much weight is this? Thanks a lot

  4. Can someone please tell me exactly why Osvaldo is the strongest basically let’s be honest… ion understand he looks like he has the least muscle mass an he’s generally smaller than the other guys

  5. Comment if you heard that chris heria said: que es eso brother. More spanish bro, and good job!👍👌💪

  6. Amazing chris , osvaldo .. love ur strength and brotherhood .. wish to be in ur team bro .. lots of love and well wishes from india

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