Strength Comparison: Bobcat Advantage for Pallet Forks

Pallet forks are workhorses that are
heavily used. But how can you be confident your pallet fork is built for
years of lifting, carrying, and moving materials? When this Bobcat pallet fork
was designed, engineers put it through rigorous testing to assure you the
highest quality available. Do you think those second-rate pallet forks undergo
similar testing? Based on the results of our tests, the answer is pretty obvious.
To promote product integrity and consumer safety, organizations such as
ISO provide standards and testing procedures that manufacturers can use to benchmark their designs against. For pallet forks, there are two tests that
are conducted. They are set up to test the fork tines only, but Bobcat goes a
step further to ensure that the frame also meets the standard. We selected
three other brands to get an idea how they compare. The first test measures
strength by exerting three times the rated load onto the pallet forks. Two of
the brands we tested held up, but one crumpled under pressure so it won’t make
it to the second test. Its frame is just not strong enough to handle the same
load that the tines can. The second test evaluates endurance. The pallet forks
must withstand 1 million cycles and a load 25% greater than their max rating.
Of the two brands that are left, one of them failed. It only survived 233,000
cycles. Most brands display a load rating under pallet forks, so a high rating may
seem like you’re getting a stronger pallet fork but this rating may only be
for the time and not account for the strength of the frame. The Bobcat load
rating takes into account the forks frame and the machine it’s being used on.
Our tests take into account the times and frame working together. Bobcat pallet forks past these tests, so you’ll get
strength and endurance that actually exceed the industry benchmarks. Selecting another brand sacrifices these qualities a majority of the time. Why gamble with
others when you know what you’ll get with a genuine Bobcat pallet fork. Better
design and proven testing give you a Bobcat Advantage.

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