Strength Rejoices in the Challenge | Hillsdale College Athletics

It means excellence never comes without sacrifice. It means worthwhile rewards never come for
free. It means circumstances can never become an
excuse. It means time spent improving is never wasted. It means quitting is never an option. It means the choice to go farther in competition
and in life is mine alone to make and in the end is worth every step.

5 Replies to “Strength Rejoices in the Challenge | Hillsdale College Athletics”

  1. Andre Holmes, Hillsdale College and WR for the Oakland Raiders, is proof you don't have to go to a major university to make it in the pros. All it takes is hard work and a little natural ability. Thank you Hillsdale and Go Chargers(Hillsdale), and Raiders!

  2. Hah. Utter Nietzschean nonsense.

    "Worthwhile rewards never come for free?" Aren't we blessed by God with everything we have, everything we are to receive? Isn't grace never earned, always free? Aren't most of the best things we have received from our parents, our friends, our forebears, from Christ? Aren't we blessed immensely by birth, relationship, nepotism? I am, I didn't do crap to gain any of it.

    "Circumstances can never become an excuse?" You are a human being, limited by circumstance. You lack talent, connection. You are ignorant, weak, sinful. Get muscular dystrophy or cancer, suffer major congenital disease like down's syndrome, or get maimed in battle or some accident – then, come tell me your circumstances are no excuse. You bloody sociopathically ridiculous chumps.

    "It means quitting is never an option?" Yeah. This is the most pathetic thing in this lame video. True wisdom means knowing when to quit. You need to know when to stop. Don't waste your time, your energy when you know you cannot succeed. When you are not interested or vested. Prudence is the queen of wisdom. Knowing when to quit is one of the true fruits of wisdom.

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