Strength Train Your Breath

Hello out there, it’s Shane from MATRIX Personalized
Fitness. In today’s video, I’m going to be talking
to you about breathing. Specifically, the tools and toys that I use
with my clients to help train their breathing. Now, I think we can all agree that breathing
is super important. We know that we can live without food for
a few weeks or over a month. We know that we can live without water for
a couple of days or up to a week. But when it comes to breathing, we can’t survive
more than a couple of minutes. Considering how important breathing is, it
really surprises me that we don’t spend more time training ourselves to breathe better,
as well as the muscles that help us breathe. Now, I’ve put together a couple of other blogs
and video posts all about breathing. They talk about how breathing can help you
from the standpoints of relaxation, all the way to losing weight. And I’ve also talked about some of the different
movements and exercises that can help you breathe better. All of those are listed below with links in
the description. I’ve also, in the description, added a link
to a PDF document that lists all the different breathing muscles and exercises you can do
to train those [muscles]. So feel free to check it out. But for today, I want to introduce you to
these toys. The first one is our Expand-A-Lung. This is like a snorkel. It’s a mouth-breathing device that has a number
of different settings. You can have it almost all the way open to
almost completely closed, where you get no oxygen at all. The way I use this one is for strength training. Basically, if we’re targeting one of the muscles
that you’ll find in that PDF, you can put this device in your mouth, think about contracting
that muscle as the PDF describes, and then do a couple reps of trying to breathe through
the device, really feeling that muscle squeeze. It’s very similar to doing a bicep curl. And the amount of restriction that you put
on your breathing is similar to the amount of weight you would be holding while doing
that bicep curl. The second device is our Elevation Training
Mask. I think [the Elevation mask] super cool because
it looks like the character Bane from the Dark Knight Rises. My wife Carolyn, our massage therapist, she
can’t stand me wearing it. She thinks it’s terrifying. But this device is cool because it’s not just
mouth breathing, but it also covers your nose. This allows you to breathe and do normal everyday
tasks. So this device can be worn while doing typical
household chores, while going for a walk, or actually during other workouts. I use it to train for the group exercise classes
that I teach, so that I have more lung capacity to be able to speak during those classes. [The Elevation mask] simply slips on over
the mouth, straps around in the back, and then you breathe through it while you’re doing
your activity. This [mask] is great for doing two things. One, building endurance of the [breathing]
muscles. Having a constant low-grade restriction allows
those muscles to be able to work harder for longer periods of time. Secondly, it gets you used to having more
co2 in your system. Because you’re out breath is trapped within
the mask, you’re working at higher levels of co2. And this can have huge benefits from increasing
bone density, to driving more oxygen into the cells, so on and so forth. 3:03
So these are just two of the cool devices that we use here at a MATRIX. I’ve included links again in the description,
if you’re interested in buying them. If you have any questions about more specific
ways to use them, feel free to send us an email or reply to the links that we put out
on social media. Anyways, I hope you found this interesting. Please have a wonderful day and I’ll be back
later on with some new cool stuff for you.

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