Strength training benefits for women’s health

Hi, I’m Batista And I’m speaking to you from the headquarters Of Dr. Fitness USA in Los Angeles, California And today I’m going to talk to you About on of my favorite topic Which is Strength Training for Women’s Health Now that is something I was talking to a friend
of mine recently About all the wonderful benefits and particularly About of course the Body Design Formula that Dr.FitnessUSA creates for people
just because it is so wonderful and has such unique benefits such as increasing
one’s strength 20% in 20 minutes, which is amazing And to my conversation, my friend which is
a yoga aficionado and aerobics queen, immediately responded Oh no no no, strength training is not for
me I only do fitness for my health Well that left me kind of surprised and shocked, even though that was not the first time I got a response like this from a health coach. This is one of the main reasons why I wrote my new revolutionary new book Feminine Body Design, Empowering Fitness for
Pain Free Life. To dispel the myth in women’s fitness and
reveal the facts About some of the most popular exercises for
women’s health. Ladies, weight training isn’t just for Arnold
Schwarzenegger anymore. It is really a system of exercise that provides
superior health benefits And is available to everyone. If you go to a local gym and observe, you can find everyone from teenagers to great
grandmas strength training. Because of its outstanding and superior health
benefits It is fast becoming the number 1 scientifically
proven anti-aging sport For general well being and to fight diseases. As a matter of fact most people that do train
with weights will praise its great benefits and will tell
you that it makes them more energized and happier along with reducing
stress. It is amazing how much better you will feel; not only because of the massive amount of
endorphins your body creates In response to weight lifting, but the empowering strength you will feel. It is actually quite addictive and you will
actually crave your work outs And look forward to them. Strength training regulates hormonal imbalances Builds bone mass density, reduces risk of
diabetes Boost your metabolism, fights heart disease Cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis, back
pain and even depression. The list goes on and on… So whether you’re healthy or battling an illness Such as endometriosis or heart disease, diabetes,
depression Weight loss, whatever it is; and whatever your exercise of choice is, incorporating strength training into your
weekly regiment Is a must to optimize your health. I’m Batista at When you mention Endo-Positive-International You will benefit from a free 15 minutes consultation; and of course join us on the social media
sites /DrFitnessUSA, comment, like, share, we
appreciate your support Take care

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