Strength training for adults to prevent pain and injuries

If you’re an adult, getting older, in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, you know when you’re
most likely to get hurt? It’s actually not doing any
sport or going to the gym, because most older adults
are getting sedentary and don’t do that. It’s actually around your house. Doing something in your
house or out in your yard where your moving something,
lifting something, and you get hurt. Let’s say you are putting
a box up on the shelf and you tweak your shoulder or you’re dragging something
heavy out of your shed and you twist your knee or your trying to pick up and move a couch and you hurt your back That is when most injuries to
older adults actually happen. And that is why I really
recommend strength training, especially as you get older. When you’re younger, people think about lifting
weights for the looks. “I just want to look great and I
want to be strong for my sport”, and that of course is a
benefit to lifting weights. But as you get older,
it’s less about that. Sure there’s health benefits, your bone density, your muscle mass, you’re going to have stronger joints that are going to be less injury-prone, you’re going to have a higher metabolism. But one of the best things
about strength training is actually just learning
how to lift things correctly. So if you think about putting
something over your head, that’s why we do overhead work from standing. Were not siting at a machine, moving something overhead
in a fixed motion. We’re standing and learning
to keep our core stable as we lift weight above our head. Because that’s what
your going to do at home putting something up on the shelf. We do sled drags. Learning how to keep
core tight, lean back, drive with your legs. Because that’s what you’re likely to do when you’re dragging
something out of the shed. We do dead lifts, not only to just strengthen the whole back but to learn how to lift correctly. With the legs and keeping
the back nice and straight. So when you go to pick up
that couch and move it, you’ve learned the proper movement and your not just bending
over and grabbing it and putting your back in
this horrible position to lift the couch. You’re going to do it correctly. So that’s why I strongly recommend for adults as you get older
do some strength training. Learn from a certified professional. Go to a gym where your
going to get a trainer. Learn the right movement pattern. Learn to start with really light weights so you don’t hurt yourself in the gym, because that’s the big fear people have is they’ll go to go to the gym,
lift weights, and get hurt. And if you do it on your own
or with a big group of people and you’re trying to keep
up, yeah, you might do that. Do it with a small group
or personal trainer. Learn to lift the weights correctly and that will not only give you all the benefits of lifting weights, but it’s going to make it less likely that you actually hurt yourself at home picking up a bag of mulch
or bringing in the dog food. I hope that helps. If you guys have any
questions shoot them my way. I’ll see you.

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