Strength Training Program: How Long Should A Strength Training Program Last?

how long should a strength training program
last today we talk about how long should a strength training program last what are the
challenges when designing a strength training program and how we fit it into the competitive
calendar of athletes how should a strength training program last
in my opinion strength training is an ongoing thing it’s not that you do your strength training
you stop and you take it off again the challenges more manipulating and modulating volume Intensity
and frequency and that’s based on the competitive calendar so first challenges Identify where
competition important competition is and then you plan your strength training around it
at the moment and working with a tennis player who I used to work before and who has approached
me to get some support and the main challenge we had in the beginning now it’s fine is that
we needed to escape this vicious circle of doing strength training then want to competitive
season start no training and then once the season is over in tennis season can be three
weeks and then two weeks off and three weeks anyway during the competitive season or during
the tournament no training was done and then you take up training so what happens is you
train for two weeks you stop training for three weeks you take up training again after
three weeks of no training you get sore and have to deal with all the negative consequences
that a strength training has if you don’t do it consistently and then in that period
the tennis training suffers you’re not getting ready for the next matches and all these kind
of things so that was basically the vicious circle what we did we looked at the competition
ok here where are three weeks of tournaments here where two weeks of no tournament another
two weeks so that we say ok in this weeks where there are no tournament you can train
a bit harder When you have tournaments you need to do the bare minimum to maintain what
you have build up in that three weeks are in that period leading up to the tournament
and once the competitive tournament you can take up your training again and this way we
ensure that there’s continuous training with emphasis changes of developing physical qualities
maintaining physical qualities developing physical qualities maintaining physical qualities
an advanced plan could be that you look at your competitive calendar and that’s what
we’re doing with the Olympic program and we prioritize competition so not every competition
has the same level of importance and what that basically means that we have the highest
level of importance the physical training the strength training will be the bare minimum
just maintaining of what we build up if there’s tournaments that are not that high in priority
then we train a little bit harder are we even train through these tournaments so just changing
the priority of competition can make a big difference in your progress in strengthening
so as a recap strength training should be an ongoing thing main challenge Identify competitions
in your calendar mark these and then work with the strength training around it so that
you can train a bit harder and heavier outside the competitive season and you maintain what
you have inside competitive season

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