Strong Forearms | Increase Your Grip Strength

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  1. All kinds of fluid and debris come flying out my rear end during training! I thought this was normal?

  2. Grip strength is very important as you approach old age. I'm lazy, I admit. I depend on my swimming. Every now and then I get the grip strengthers out. I've also started weightlifting again, albeit at a very low level. I'm concerned about bone strength, and whilst swimming is great for muscles and flexibility it's useless for bone strength.

  3. I thought that the thumb always needs to go under the bar? Other wise, you're technically not gripping the bar right? 0:50

  4. at 1:55 moment I thought he climb up using also his feet and surprise surprise it's only his arms keeping the body floating XoX

  5. You are one of my favourite channels on YouTube. Whenever I feel depressed or not at my fullest… I tend to come over here and watch some of your calisthenics, I love the subtlety you guys have. You motivated in incorporating calisthenics in my workouts which I had long stopped doing. Thank you for being this awesome. Keep the awesome content coming ❤️

  6. I used to do the "roll the bar" with weight ( string attached to the middle of a horizontal bar, that rolls around it when you turn your wrists ), foward then backward to improve grip + forearms strenght, what do you think ?. Well online it is called "wrist roller", it can be attached to a wall, or free.


    dude, gentle sounding alex, did pull ups using his frickin wrists!!!! HIS!!! WRISTS!!!! NO!!!! HANDS!!!!! WRISTS!!!!


    NOT HUMAN!!!!!!

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