Summer Brown Talks About Her Job On The All-Women Paving Crew

So I’m currently running the screw.
We’re running a joint and so I’m following this joint to make sure it’s in a straight line. You look ahead to make sure that the rows are matching. You gotta look down, you gotta make sure the asphalt in the paver is moving. And you gotta look ahead and make sure you’re following in a straight line. And you gotta make sure you’re going in and out. You don’t want it to be too far out, too far in. You want to be right along the straight line. But it’s fun work.
I enjoy it! Because everyday is different.
Everyday is something different. We do patching, we do leveling. Sometimes I’m on the broom,
sometimes I’m on the paver. You just never know what you’re going to
come into work and do that day So it’s always a new challenge.

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