Summer Stamina Butadon (Pork Bowl) スタミナ豚丼 作り方レシピ

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, let’s cut the vegetables. Cut out the root part of the onion and detach the layers. Slice the onion into 1cm or half inch width strips along the grain. Remove the cap of the shishito peppers. Put some salt onto the okra and roll it on a flat surface to remove the fuzz. Rinse the okra and remove the water thoroughly. Then, remove the firm skins between the cap and the pod. Cut the okra in half lengthwise. Next, trim off the excess fat from the pork loin slices. Cut the slices into 3 pieces and arrange them on the cutting board. To help coat the pork with the seasonings later, sprinkle any type of flour on one side. Now, let’s combine the seasonings. To the soy sauce, add the sake, mirin, sugar, and grated garlic and ginger root. Stir the mixture thoroughly. Let’s make the Butadon. Place the lettuce leaves onto the slightly cooled steamed rice. Turn on the burner and add the sesame oil (or vegetable oil). Arrange the pork slices into the heated pan. Lightly brown the pork and then, flip them over. When the other sides begin to turn white, remove and place them onto a plate. Now, clean the pan with a paper towel. Add the sesame oil and heat the pan again. Add the onion, shishito peppers and okra. Stir the vegetables and distribute the oil evenly. Then, add the combined seasonings. Lightly stir and cover with a lid. Simmer for 30 seconds to 1 minute. When the vegetables are still a little crisp, turn off the burner. Remove them with a mesh stainer and place the vegetables onto the lettuce leaves. Now, re-heat the remaining sauce. Meanwhile, arrange the vegetables in the bowl. When the sauce begins to boil again, add the reserved pork slices. Coat the slices with the sauce thoroughly and reduce the sauce. Turn off the burner and place the pork onto the onion strips in the bowl. Then, pour the sauce over them. Sprinkle on the toasted white sesame seeds and shichimi, seven flavor chili powder. Finally, garnish with the shiraganegi, the shredded long green onion. Cooking the pork and vegetables separately will help avoid overcooking the meat and also makes the dish visually appealing. You can also use bell peppers, asparagus and mushrooms for this recipe. If the mirin is not available, substitute sake and sugar instead. Good luck in the kitchen. Please watch our yakibuta ramen video on how to make the Shiraganegi. Hi! I’m Francisco, the host of this show, cooking with cat.

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  1. I use rice vinegar and sugar as a substitute. I don't drink sake, and wouldn't know where to begin in buying it. This works well, I've made several sauces with it.

  2. OOoooh, I torture myself with your videos ; ; It all looks so delicious!! I'm looking forward to future videos! 🙂

  3. Nooo! I don't think you should remove all the flavor from the bottom with the towel, if you keep it it will make the sauce tastier 🙂

  4. This looks delicious! My wife hates rice and vegetables, but I'm pretty sure she would like the pork! She's a 'meat and potatoes' person.

  5. I always wondered how your dog can stay put on your videos.. our mascot on our show never stays in one position…. MUST TRAIN our dog…

  6. I just made this today and it's absolutely delicious! I'm mildly allergic to peppers, so I used mushrooms instead though. Also, Maybe I had the heat on too high when I was cooking the vegetables, but the sauce was pretty much all gone by the time I finished cooking the pork. Either that, or maybe my frying pan was a bit too large. Anyway, thank you for this great recipe chef! It's WAY better than eating a frozen pizza.

  7. Surprising refreshing dish! i made this using bell peppers instead of shishito peppers and without sake, and it still turned out good. 🙂

  8. 夏に向けて豚丼はスタミナがついて良いですね。ただアメリカ人には物足りないかも。

  9. But on the up side these recipes are typically healthy so it's not really cheating if you give in and make one.

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  11. thanks so much.
    why does a French poodle speak with a Japanese accent? is he an immigrant? i thought the Japanese were xenophobic.
    would love for dog to show how to make fried rice.
    Round and round the rugged rock the ragged rascal ran.
    by the way i have the same dog, and am trying to get it a cooking show called the naked dog. but i have two problems: mom will not let my dog get on the kitchen counter and
    2. no matter how i try i can't get my dog to speak!
    have subscribed.

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  13. @elasticlucifer I find freezing it a bit till the meat is slightly stiff (not frozen like a brick) makes it easier to cut into thinner cuts of meat.

  14. We are very happy COOKING WITH DOG can help us with this collaboration! Thank you very much!


  15. I cooked this today, it was amazingly delicious <3 I'm actually thinking of making it again soon. Thanks for showing us this great recipe 🙂

  16. My suggestion would be to let the pork surface slightly brown for a bit more flavor! This is a great recipe! I will definately try this! CCC:

  17. I could understand him. His accent is noticeable, and he sometimes uses "the" when he doesn't need to, but it's close enough that I didn't have any problem understanding.

  18. This is soooo yummy!!!
    I just had to substitute the pork and onions with a few other ingredients, but it is just delicious <3
    This sauce is bang on =D

  19. I tried making this today for my parents and it was very delicious! Thank you for the amazing recipe and tutorial! 🙂

  20. Hi! I'm a big fan of your cooking videos and have tried many recipes with gr8 success. Can i request if you could cook Obihiro Buta Don. Ate it in Hokkaido & it was fantastic. Thanks!

  21. これは絶対美味しいです!作ります!

  22. This is first time I am watching your video . I really like your cooking. and I am going to watch all of them.

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