Super Hero Stamina Client Announcement

The first Climb Conquer eight-week
functional strength program is now complete I’ve seen you guys increasing
the amount of rungs you’re able to complete in your ladders every single
week and it’s been so awesome to see this week we saw improvements in both
the reps and the weights for your strength test and movement so
congratulations it’s been a successful eight weeks. Next week we’re starting a
new enduring strength program cycle is called Super Hero Stamina! Maybe you can go watch The Avengers movie this weekend to get you in the right mindset we have
a lot to look forward to there’ll be push-ups and pistols there’s
going to be completely new melt stations and we’re going to be increasing the
reps on all the sets so it’ll definitely be SUPER you can look forward to having
superhero strength stamina and looking like a superhero by the end of this
eight-week program so suit up and get ready to join us on Monday April 29th or
Tuesday April 30th for the Launch sessions

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