Super Strength Chore Clones Get out of Control! Hope & Noah become WWE SuperStars! SuperHeroKids

– [Announcer] This is a paid
advertisement for Mattel. – Braun Strowman has just pulled up to the performance center. (muffled jeers) It’s absolute anarchy! My leg! – Eden? What are you doing? – Whoa, ah ha! Oh, hey, Hope. I’m just causing chaos with the new Wrekkin’ Performance Center with three destructive areas, one collapsing tower, an imploding ring, and an exploding gym wall. It’s madness! – Sounds chaotic, I’ve
just finished my chores, and I’m gonna go help Noah finish his. – Yeah, yeah, okay. – When are you gonna finish your chores? – I don’t know, I’ll do them later. – Okay, they’re not gonna
get themselves done. (techno music slows) – (shouts) Frog. Splash! (slow circus music plays) (wrestling sounds) (banging sounds) – I think my name should
be No-Oxygen Noah. – Um, not quite right. – How ’bout Nitro Noah? – Actually, that might work. (doorbell rings) (both gasp)
– What is it? (door slams)
(sneakers skid) – Whoa, what’s that? – I dunno, it just came! – Well, let’s open it! (shuffling) – Whoa! (shuffling) (gasps) – [All] Whoa! – It’s a message. – Attention, SHK. There’s a golden ticket to be acquired. It will get you straight to
the WWE SmackDown Live event! (all gasp) But to get this golden ticket, you must first go through a rigger to become true WWE Superstars. Then go on a quest to find the ticket. (all gasp) – A quest, this is gonna be so awesome! – When do we start? – Now I think? – Let’s go! – What! It’s gonna be so cool! – Wait a second. There’s little tiny rules at the bottom. – I got it. (magic swoosh) – It says, all homework,
chores, and responsibilities must be finished before
you can start this task? – Oh, man, it’s gonna take
me forever to do my chores. – Sorry, Eden, but I tried to
tell you to do ’em earlier. – I know but the Wrekkin’
Performance Center is the coolest toy ever, and
you can just smash everything and have so much fun all the time. Can you guys help me? Teamwork is important, right? – (both) Well we did but
we … (muffled excuses) – Bye, Eden!
– Okay, goodbye! (footsteps) (door slams) (upbeat rock music) – Huh! (swoosh) (gasps) (dramatic swoosh) – Oh man! (upbeat rock music)
(air swooshes) (zipper zips) (air swooshes) (air swooshes) (air swooshes) (air swooshes)
(dramatic drumming) (playful instrumental music) (playful instrumental music) (door slams) – Chores are the worst. There’s gotta be a way
I can do this faster. If I only had, like,
eight hands or something. (gasps) My cloning device! (playful orchestral music) I can’t find my cloning machine anywhere! Braun Strowman, do you see it? You’re no help! There it is! Oh, no! I don’t have enough molds to clone myself. Or do I? Hey, come back here! Let the cloning begin! (magical tinkle) (slow bass rhythm) Whoa! (magical tinkle) (magical tinkle) Hey guys! (slow bass rhythm) (slow jazz music) Now that I’ve finished my
chores, I can start my quest! – No, I wanna go on the quest! – No, I wanna go on the quest! – So wait, I don’t get to go on the quest? – (muffled) I don’t
get to go on the quest? – Uh oh. (electricity zaps) (electricity zaps) (grunts) (electricity zaps) (muffled shouting) (electricity zaps) – Guys! Guys! – Okay, we’ve already gone through the terrible tiger tunnels and the unbelievably annoying unicorn pit! – [Richard Unicorn] Hey, you
guys wanna hang out on Tuesday? – Richard, We talked about this! What’s next? – Look, there’s a riddle! Now that you are past
the first two obstacles, here is your next. See if your powers can assist,
but your team does the rest. (electrical sizzle) – What’s that! – It’s just a box. That’s weird. I’ll get it! (fast swoosh) (electric zap)
(small explosion) – Ahh-oww!
(thump) – Noah, are you okay? – Yeah, but this is gonna be
a lot harder than I thought. – Hmm, let me try. (grunts)
(electricity zaps) (electricity zaps)
– Whoa! – Sorry, Noah. – That’s not fair. (fast dramatic music) (fast chase music) (muffled shouting) – Ah! – Ohh-hh!
(thump) – Okay, this is not working! Are there any clues on this map? – No! – Oh look, it says, see
if your powers can assist, but your team does the rest? Powers and team. (gasps) Noah, we have our powers,
but we don’t have our team! – Oh, yeah, we need Eden! We should have helped her with her chores. – [Hope] We still have time. – [Noah] Yeah, let’s go! – Eden, we came to help with your . . . – Eden! – (muffled) I’m not Eden. – What did she say? – I don’t know. (electricity zaps) – What is going on? – I made clones, so I
could do my chores faster, so I could do the quest! It was a bad idea. – I’m sorry, we should have
helped you from the beginning. We were being selfish. – Plus, we can’t finish
the quest without you. – Noah! – I’m sorry too, I should
have done my chores earlier. This wouldn’t have ever happened. – But now we can do this as a team. (dramatic music builds) – Will the Super Hero Kids be able to prevail against Eden’s clones? Wait to see in Part Two. (rock music) (heavy guitar and drums)

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