Supine Dynamic Hurdler (Hip Internal/External Rotation Mobility Exercise)

if you’re like most people and you need
to improve your hip rotation mobility then check out this unique exercise I’ve
got for you that’s gonna do just that yo what’s up Coach E here from Precision
Movement and I’m here with another installment of new movement Mondays
where I’m teaching new techniques to improve your mobility and that will
contribute to your movement longevity because personally I am training
exercising to ensure that I am able to move well now and improve my performance
now but also so that I’m moving well when I’m old gray and more bald than I
am right now so this video this technique is going to work your hip
rotation mobility and before we get into it I’m gonna dive right into it but
before that just let me know why do you want to improve your hip rotation
mobility I’m just curious on the different goals
that people have coming in here so let me know in the comments below so I can
take a look and see and maybe create some videos based on some of the goals that I
see in there ok so the technique I’ve got for you today is called the supine
dynamic hurdler if you’ve seen the hurdler stretch the classic running
stretch that looks like this okay stretching the hip this hip is in
internal rotation and you’re stretching the external rotators because the end
range you’re at is internal rotation the muscles that are lengthened there are
the external rotators that’s what’s getting stretched most people is well
are gonna get some joint capsule stretching in there as well okay so
that’s the classic hurdler stretch the supine dynamic hurdler looks like this
so you’re gonna start in that hurdler stretch now when you’re tight your leg
is gonna be popped up off the ground yep don’t try to force your leg down as hard
as you can to start you’re gonna loosen up as you go from here you’re in the
prone arms out try to relax and what you’re
going to do is you’re going to keep your heel as close to your butt as possible
so fire up those hamstrings and then you’re gonna lift slide it in and then
go into external rotation okay so you just do a couple light mobilizations
here at first don’t use too much tension anywhere internal to external rotation
of the hip you’re also going from horizontal this is horizontal flexion
plus internal rotation so horizontal extension also known as horizontal
abduction and external rotation for my fellow movement nerds out there who like
the accurate kinesiological, biomechanical terminology
okay so just mobilize it a little bit nice and light not too much tension to
start a few reps three four reps five reps and then we’re gonna get into
working the technique here okay so same thing you’d start an internal rotation
now when you’re here what you want to focus on is when you’re at the bottom of
the range instead of focusing on lifting the knee and opening up the knee into
external rotation and horizontal extension the first motion at the bottom
is thinking of lifting the foot off the ground okay
keep that heel close to the butt so the hamstrings are on you’re gonna lift the
foot off the ground without opening up and then you’re gonna hold that two
seconds one two and then go into your external rotation and horizontal
extension get to the end range again drive that knee but keep the foot just
off the ground and drive the knee down down down down down for two seconds and
then hit the ground and then drive the knee a little bit more using the ground
that’s kind of like a lever to get a little extra range okay hold it there
for two seconds okay again from here you’re just gonna lift the foot off
the ground without moving my knee in space it’s not easy hold it there for a
couple seconds keep the heel close to the butt the whole time and then rotate
this is hard keep the foot off the ground for a
couple seconds and then hit the ground use it as a lever and drive yourself
into your little extra range there few seconds and then lift the foot off the
ground first motion foot off the ground hold it for two and then rotate ok so
there’s four points where you’re holding it there I’m rotating driving the knee
to the ground keeping the foot off the ground and holding one two and then foot
on the ground drive the knee a little further actively one two and then same
position foot off the ground the one to rotate foot off the ground drive the
knee one two foot on the ground knee to the ground one two foot off the ground
keep the knee where it is in space one two and so on okay that’s the supine
dynamic hurdler and once you add that little those little holds in those four
different positions it takes this technique up to a whole new level in
terms of intensity difficulty and benefit to you in terms of improving
your hip rotation mobility okay because we’re building strength in that end
range we’re not just going into a passive stretch and just hanging out
here and most of the brain is not into it we’re not building any strength so
any range that you do get your brain is just going to tighten you up because you
have not built any strength there and that is when you have flexibility in a
joint but you don’t have the strength there you have instability and
instability is a precursor to in and that’s across any joints in your
body all right so that’s the supine dynamic hurdler obviously you’re gonna
do that on both sides I’ll do that when I’m done you don’t have to watch me move
my hips around here but that is a technique that’s really really gonna
work for you when you apply it okay how to apply this is you can use it in your
warm-up just real light like I showed you maybe a couple of the more
challenging versions that the holds as an activation but you want to use this
two to three times a week for two to three sets doing three to five
repetitions on each side so one repetition would be if I’m starting here
that’s half that’s more okay so you do that three to five reps don’t count the
holes any reps or anything just three to five reps with the holes already in
there and that’s gonna work to improve your
strength which will result in improved mobility a couple of key points make
sure you’re breathing it’s there’s gonna be a huge tendency to
hold your breath especially in the holds and internal rotation there that are so
it’s such a foreign place people just tense up and stress out that’s
completely normal if you do that as you practising and get better work on your
breathing being able to breathe through those intense challenging holds the
other thing keep the knees straight the opposite
knee that one’s locked out so we’re locking out the pelvis nicely and
focusing on this hip that you’re working whatever side it is so opposite knee
stays straight and then remember heal as close to your butt as possible get some
hamstring in there and increase the hip stability and the work going on at the
hip as well okay so hip rotation super important if
you don’t have it your knees are gonna suffer they’ll probably take the brunt
of the damage but your spine and your lumbar spine might also suffer as well
and if you’re lacking hip rotation make sure you check the links at the end of
this video to my hip control course I’ll put it in the down in the description as
well so you can find it easily and check that up it’ll really help if you’ve got
locked up hips from years years of sitting around neglect or just
doing your standard strengthening exercises okay so thanks a lot for
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