Surface Savvy with Dr. Tim Worden

Whenever we look at high performance sport,
there are always two aspects to it. There is performance enhancement aspect and
then there is also the injury prevention aspect. And within the show jumping world quite a
bit of research has been done looking at ways to reduce injury in these very expensive horses. A group out of Europe has looked at different
footing surfaces and the potential effects the different surfaces have on show jumpers
and their injury risks. What they found was that show jumpers that
trained on more different surfaces were less likely to become injured than show jumpers
who trained on the same surface day in and day out. The researchers suggested that you train on
as many different surfaces as you can. So, you probably have a ring at home, maybe
it’s sand or some sort of synthetic surface. But hopefully you can also get out on some
trails, ride on some grass, go to different shows that have different types of surfaces,
so your horse is exposed to a number of different surfaces to train and compete on.

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