Surgical Science at Pareto Securities’ Health Care Conference 2019

Hi this is Pavas here at Pareto Securities’ annual Health Care Conference in Stockholm this is the tenth annual
health care conference that we’re holding here and with me I have Anna Ahlberg the
of Surgical Science welcome Anna thank you could you first off just start with
telling us a little bit more about Surgical Science and what you’re working
with sure we are a simulation comapany so we develop products and software so that the surgeon can
train on how to do different peep-hole surgery procedures out in the abdomen
that’s where we work outside of the operating room
we have been doing this for twenty years developing this software and our vision
is that every patient entering the operating room should know that the
surgeon has been trained and objectively certified in a safe simulated
environment just as you know when you step on an airplane that the pilot has
been trained before he’s allowed to fly that airplane with passengers on it you
should know that the surgeon who is about to operate on you has been trained in a safe and
simulated environment I know that recently surgical science acquired a company active within
the same space could you please tell us a little bit more about that acquisition
sure we have two business areas educational products weather which was
the foundation of the company we’re with our own branded products they’re both
hardware and software that we sell primarily to University Hospitals and
then we have our second business areas where we have only been operating for a
few years now that we call industry OEM and the acquisition was made within this
area so we acquired a company called Sense Graphics with the it’s office just
north of Stockholm and they have been working within the industry segment
doing medical simulation for 15 years and it’s very fun to see that this
acquisition was a really good value driver for the shareholders
but looking ahead out of an investor perspective are there any specific
events or news that we should keep an eye on that could be of relevance for
the investors of course now we are working with the integration process
between the two companies forming one joint company and together we have a
very good position to both provide our current customers with new services as
well as attracting new clients and for for us within the segment the
fastest-growing segment is within robotic surgery and there are several
new entrants entering this market now in the year or two years to come and of
course we want to be a provider of software services to as many as
possible so exciting times ahead within robotic surgery basically yes
thank you very much for being here and the thorough walkthrough of the company
thank you

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