In my many years of experience
as a personal trainer, I have come to know and appreciate
the electronical muscle stimulation training. Nevertheless, or just for that reason,
I recognized a number of shortcomings in the existing products on the market
in terms of their quality, safety and technological innovation. Which then led me to launch
the project Swissbody in 2018. With Swissbody your workout reaches
the highest level of perfection and efficiency. Swissbody stimulates all your muscles
throughout the nervous system, measures in real-time all your vital-data, rates your form in an exercise, all being analyzed by artificial intelligence using our algorithm in order to
adjust all the settings, respecting your individual needs and goals, may they be recovery from an injury or surgery, maintenance of fitness, reduction of bodyfat, tissue tightening, building up of muscle mass or the preparation for competition
to become ‘gameday ready’. The Swissbodysuit 1 will include
the following technologies: 1stly EMS, EMS stands for electronical muscle stimulation to help your muscles fire out
much faster and intense, which helps you burn bodyfat much faster. 2ndly EMG, which stands for electromyography to measure your muscles level of
fatigue and recovery, before, during and after a training session. This enables the system’s artificial intelligence
to adjust the ems impulse-intensity automatically, based on facts. And then thirdly BIA, body impedance analysis, in order to measure your body composition i.e. muscle mass, visceral-fat, bone density,
body-water and many more. All these technologies have been
researched and proven for decades to be efficient and work safely, but no one before Swissbody has ever united
nor implemented them in one apparel. Swissbody created the first Swiss engineered and
Swiss made wireless and washable smartbody for private and professional use, meeting the highest levels of expectations
to product innovation, comfort, design, safety, robustness and longevity.


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