Teen Vs. Adult: Pregnancy Belly Reactions

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  1. I'm 24 but so many people think I'm underage because I have a youthful face. This just proves why I'm so worried about getting dirty looks when I become pregnant since i look so young.

  2. Ok but with the door opening one, random people don’t automatically look for a wedding ring when they see a pregnant or non pregnant person walk towards a door. People are just into their own thing or don’t care

  3. I went to an orchestra competition and my teacher had to bring her 2 year old. I love kids so I watched him for her and a lot of people gave me really weird looks. I was 13!

  4. teen pregnancy should be treated like any other pregnancy in my opinion. It dose not mater whether you are a teen or an adult you are both equally pregnant and should be treated as such.

  5. my lil bro and I have an almost 18 year difference haha but I never really minded the stares, people just assume i am his mom, and i just go along with it most of the time

  6. I look young I was 29 when I had my son. I’ve literally gotten comments and looks from people – esp when my son was really young! Someone asked me once “how old” and I responded, 5 weeks. She said, no how old are you – you look 18! People are so rude

  7. I was 24 and married when i got pregnant went to walmart 34 weeks pregnant to get my dogs food, i asked for help as i had preeclampsia and couldnt lift over 10lb the bag weighed 50lb and no one would help me lift it into the cart, they just stared at me one lady even came up and went arent you a little to young for a baby, i rolled my eyes and snapped i am 24 and even i was 15 non of your damn business.

  8. It's has nothing to do with you being pregnant if you don't look like you'll spend money they won't care for you there

  9. I think that store clerks feel like they should help the people that we going to give them the most money and they thinks teens are looking for the cheaper items

  10. 20 here with a 4 month old and I was treated nicely. But I'm Canadian so the challenge is too find someone mean lol

  11. I was pregnant when I was 21. I had been married for 2 years and we were living on our own house. So my husband and I were full adults. However I have always looked a lot younger than my age and I used to get looks and one time my friend's mom started scolding me for being a pregnant teen. My friend who was 17 at the time and was almost twice my height started laughing and told her mom my age and marital status and all; that's when I remembered the looks on other people and realized why their faces. For me it was hilarious to find out that I looked like a pregnant teen.

  12. I personally think that the way that those people treated Avalon was rude, because you can't just judge someone because they look younger, you don't what have happened to them and you judge right away.
    P.S- I don't mean to offend anybody 😊

  13. Why do people care so much if people have kids as teens? If they feel they are ready for a baby then you shouldn't judge them. You don't know if it was a forced thing or if they just chose to do it with their boyfriend or whatever. It's a natural thing for your body to say when it's ready to have a baby. In B.C. times girls got pregnant at around 13 or 14…

  14. I have to confess… I’m against teen pregnancy BUT I will help and support teens who are pregnant. Because they need support. It’s easy to judge. I know that I will get hate because I’m against teen pregnancy. It’s ok because no one likes me so yeah :)))

  15. My mom had my sis at like at like 24 I think. But she looked like 18 or 17 and people would always judge and she could never where her ring cuz it was the wrong size so people thought she was a teen and pregnant 🤰 and she had me around 27 and she looked 23 so for me she never got judged it just proves that people think of your age as you can’t be a mom

  16. These days your cant even tell who’s an adult or teen an I think just because your pregnant some one does not have to hold the door for you just saying 🤷🏾‍♀️

  17. I was out with my niece as a teenager and an older woman came up asking questions as to if I was the mother. I was older with my other niece and a older man came up to us asking if I was divorced because I didn't have a ring on and how awful that is for kids. If it wasn't for me being in front of my two nieces I would have cursed them both out.

  18. My mom was a teen mom

    She is an amazing mum as well

    Even though ur a teen mom it doesn’t mean ur a bad person or mom NEVER assume that about someone

  19. It's surprising see the difference between a teen and adult pregnant woman just going through the motions of life. Personally, I would have helped the teen before the adult. Maybe it's my own personal opinion or bias but a teen feels more like someone you would want to help, give advice to and guide, especially when they're pregnant and coming in alone. Of course, helping an adult pregnant woman is important too. And for the people not holding a door for anyone, pregnant or not, every time just seems rude to me. Maybe I was raised differently but I always hold the door open for the person behind me, especially those who are pregnant, have their hands full, are elderly, etc.

  20. Pregnant women can open doors themselves, it’s a nice thing if somebody kind opens the door for you but this is not necessary just because you’re pregnant. You still have your hands even with the “big belly” and the world doesn’t stop spinning around for you just because you’re pregnant. You’re not the centre of the universe, grow up.
    There were (and there are nowadays too in some parts of the world) women that gave birth to their children in underground bunkers during war, women who were obliged to run away from their homes to save their children and maybe they didn’t even have any shelter where to sleep, neither money to spend for food or sanitary products. These things do happen and you complain for someone not opening you a bloody door? Jeez, I see your life must be really hard…please, c’mon…

  21. When I was like 14, I was pushing my nephew down the street in his stranger and 2 men yelled out their window, “YOU’RE TOO YOUNG TO HAVE A BABY!”

  22. I was 16 and pregnant, I remember all the stares people just looking at me like I was something out of this planet. I just choose to ignore it and pay no attention to those people & enjoy my pregnancy. At the end of the day it's all about you and your baby. No one has control over anyone and life so why give into society… I am now 28 years old and my daughter is about to turn 12 in November, She just started the 6th grade yesterday and That girl makes me proud every day of my life. I am proud to be have been a teen mom I gave up alot of my teenage life to bring her up correctly and I wouldn't have it any other way… I as mom wouldn't want my daughter to be a teen mom because you are forced to grow up quicker but I would never resent her for that… I was very blessed to have such a supportive family as well… So I had everything to succeed and I did… I love my Daughter ♡

  23. Avalon looks like a Disney Princess to me, more specifically Snow White. Am I the only one? She's so pretty and her voice definitely matches her overall. Don't be so negative guys.

  24. I think it is the ring. People have such perceptive views. I’m pregnant at 22 and until my boyfriend proposed I got the dirtiest look. It’s the ring that makes a difference. If it gets so bad why not just buy a fake cheap one when you go out. If I wasn’t engaged I would.

  25. My cousin had a baby when she was 22 and her baby was out in the nicu bc of a blood infection and my cousin got an infection too. Not only that the baby was born 6 weeks earlier than the due date. And when they wheeled her to see her baby for the first time ppl kept on judging her (just by looking at her). This isn’t right, a mother is a mother. Yeah the teen learned their lesson but still it doesn’t matter the age. They are still carrying another life with them. Stop judging teen moms they already get it enough when they go to school or possibly at home

  26. I'm 23 and 6 month pregnant, but I look like freaking 16 or 17 yrs old cause I'm only 4'10ft. People alway look at me weird.

  27. we haven’t see anything, you just saying and wants us to believe???
    First of all you dont look teen at ALL, heavy makeup..
    secondly NO one stares at even real teen moms except those who are really young like 13-16..

  28. I had a horrible experance while pregnant. I got married and got pregnant at 22 but people where so hateful due to the fact my husband and I have disabilitys. My own aunt said I did not think you would be a good mother.

  29. I’ve never judged a teen mum whatsoever. I just never have thought it’s anything to judge for my auntie got pregnant at 16 and she is successful and an amazing mum her daughter is now 19 and she is studying to be nurse. Her father is still in the picture they’re not together but they’re just like any good cooperating parents. I hate how teen mums have a stereotype on them!

  30. At 20 weeks pregnant I had a car accident, nothing too serious but of course I went straight to the hospital to check if the baby is okay. I was 19 years old at the time, it was very late at night and I was wearing joggers and a hoodie. Upon my arrival the doctor asked if this is a “child pregnancy” and requested my parents to be notified… I politely handed him my ID and reminded him that by the time I give birth I will be 20 years old.
    Judging people by their appearance is so rude and inappropriate.

  31. I’m currently 5 months pregnant and I’m 18. 19 in a couple of months and it’s horrible how people react to me when Im in public. People just screw me and look at me with such disproval. But, I’m so used to it now so idc.

  32. I was 18 years old when I was pregnant. I was well known in my area and that might be why I got help or it was the fact everyone at these stores thought I was 21-24 and with a 💍 on my finger may have helped. But most of my friends who were pregnant without rings and looked their age were treated poorly and I would go with them to glare back at rude employees. Note I was younger than my friends maybe 16yrs old?

  33. I hate how judgemental people are my sister got married and had a baby at 19, and that was fine, we should be praising these girls and women for being strong and brave, pregnancy isn't easy and it's even harder when people are rude and judgemental.

  34. I’m 15 and one day I went with my little brother who is ten years younger than me to the dentist. We sat in the waiting area next to an old lady and my brother was silently crying because he didn’t want to go to the dentist .Then the old lady spoke to my brother and literally said „ if you want you can play with my wheelchair you just have to ask your mom“ and she made eye contact with me .I felt so awkward and judged

  35. “I can be a business woman too”

    A teen can barely be considered a business woman, I don’t think a pregnant teen would be considered someone in a good financial situation period.

  36. I hope this doesn’t really happen to me I’m engaged and everything but I look so younger than I look and so does my sister

  37. My psychology experiment in highschool was a teen mom challenge. I had my baby cousin. My favorite reactions were "Theres abortion" "you're not a good mother" "is the father in the picture?". Another was my baby was crying, cause he needed a diaper change, and the woman who was in front of me just stared at me and didnt give up her spot (didnt expect it but at this point my cousin was wailing and visibly upset)

  38. The teen could be anything up to 35 especially with the lipstick and ageing hair. The older looked about 23. Not very well thought out experience

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