3 Replies to “Temp status, health care top list of concerns for UAW members on strike”

  1. Don't worry about health care Democrats are taking that away and vacation time can be used as single days since the last contract

  2. Did they force you to work there? Did they come to your house and drag you out of your bed and make you a temporary worker…. what does temporary mean? Maybe I’m missing something….

    What should you get paid for putting a gas cap on a car that no one can afford??

    I wonder what the labor pimps get out of the deal….

    Maybe the labor pimps will stop stealing from your pensions and mishandling your dues. Maybe if they stopped stealing your lunch money for protection you’d have more money. I better stop before the union thugs dox me.

  3. bernie sanders is trying to get everyone medicare for all,but the republicans and fox news is fighting to stop him,,to protect their billionaire donors

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