15 Replies to “Tensile Strength Challenge: Cotton vs. Steel – Christmas Lectures with Charles Stirling”

  1. Good teachers are the gems of society, but this one is a coal. How did he get to stand where the great Faraday stood? Those kids learned absolutely Nothing. The British educational system must be as bad as the States, if this was one of the bright ones.

  2. Today I learned that cotton wool is made from cotton, and cotton thread is made from cotton wool, which is cotton, and steel wire, which is steel, is made from steel.

  3. The natural question would be : then why aren't bridge cables made of cotton? I mean isn't the entire point of these presentations to provide real insight? Under these conditions cotton seemed stronger, but is that the whole picture?

  4. Were the thread and wire the same diameter? He didn't say. Maybe it was lost in the edit, along with any explanation of the switch from cellulose to glucose. Shabby.

  5. Would love to see a demonstration of cotton versus spider web, I've seen one of spider web versus steel wire and the spider web won very easily.

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