Test Day Domination – MCAT, Step 1, Step 2CK – Strategies to Maximize your Score

What’s going on guys! You’ve now finished studying for your exam
and it’s the big day. Whether you’re about to take the MCAT Step
1 or Step 2CK, the principles and approaches are gonna be the same. So I’m gonna be going over some high-yield
concepts to make sure that you maximize your test score on test day. The overarching principle across all these
is that being well-rested and mentally sharp will maximize your score. So, here are the constants I’m gonna go over;
first, what to do the day before the test. Next, sleep leading up to the test. Third, food before and during the test. Fourth, getting to the test center and last,
at the test center. All right, so first; day before the test,
you should stop studying by mid afternoon or late afternoon at the latest. The extra studying that you do will do more
harm than good at this point. Drive to the test center to familiarize yourself
on the driving route, where to park and where to enter the building. You’ll be happy you did the morning of the
test. Do something enjoyable and relaxing in the
evening before the exam – don’t call your ex, don’t go clubbing don’t start a new workout
routine that week, just stay the course. Sleep: sleep is often overlooked as being
something pretty simple. I mean, just sleep enough before the test
right? Hold on, there’s a little bit more to it than
that; first, start waking up at the time you’ll be waking up on test day for at least three
days before the test. If you can do it longer, that’s better. This helps prime your circadian rhythm to
align with test day. If you’re used to sleeping late and waking
up late, your body is not gonna be able to just properly come test day and you’ll be
sluggish with mental cloudiness. This also means going to bed around the same
time. If you’re sleep-deprived in the days leading
up to the test, you will not be well-rested. Second; understand that you may have difficulty
falling asleep the day before the test and that’s totally normal. You’ll probably be a little nervous. Meditation helps me relax and wind down. My roommates use Nyquil and the other one
uses Benadryl to help fall asleep. I’m in no way recommending that you do the
same, I’m just saying it worked for them. Lastly, you do not want to oversleep. I set extra alarms and alarm clocks which
benefitted me for two reasons – first; there was no way I would wake up late. Second; the peace of mind knowing that I wasn’t
gonna wake up late actually helped me fall asleep. All right, food: breakfast; you must have
breakfast the day of your test. Skipping breakfast will decrease your performance. Breakfast is like leg day; you want to skip
it but you really shouldn’t. Eat a large enough meal that you’ll stay satiated
for several hours but not so large that you’re in a food coma. Eat protein and starchy foods with a low glycemic
index. I would normally eat eggs, oatmeal, whole-wheat
toast and either milk or juice. Coffee; if you normally don’t drink coffee,
now is not the time to try it out. If you normally do drink coffee, stick to
your routine. I rarely drink coffee and the adrenaline was
enough for me to not even consider it on test day. Know yourself and plan accordingly. Snacks; pack extra snacks. You will be working your brain hard for several
hours and that’s gonna build up your appetite. I would normally bring a sandwich, nuts, granola
bars, a banana, some berries. Again, stick with some healthy and light foods,
no need to bring your leftover greasy Mexican food from the weekend. Water; stay hydrated but not so much so that
you have to run to the bathroom frequently. Don’t overthink it. So, what should you get there? Plan to get there 30 to 60 minutes before
you’re assigned start time. By getting there on the earlier side of things,
you’ll decrease your stress by not having to worry about running late, you’ll have enough
time to use the bathroom and get familiar with your surroundings and you’ll be one of
the first people called back to the testing room. Not everyone surges into the testing room
at once, people go in one by one. And as soon as you’re inside, you can start. This means that if you start early, you won’t
be one of the last ones finishing, when people are packing up leaving and being noisy. Going early also means less time sitting around
letting your mind wander and getting stressed out. The last thing you want to do at this point
is psych yourself out. At the test center, minimize distractions. I recommend using earplugs and possibly the
earmuffs they provide at the testing center to minimize distractions. If they let you pick your seat, choose one
away from the door as to minimize the distraction from people walking in and out of the test
room. Breaks: the MCAT allows optional break time,
use it. Your attention span is limited. Pace yourself by taking the breaks when allowed
even if you feel like you don’t need it. I recommend that during the 10 minute break
you get out, go to the bathroom, drink a little bit, eat something quick and then go back
in. There can sometimes be a line to get back
in and you don’t want any extra stress if you can avoid it. For Step 1 and Step 2, you have the flexibility
to plan your breaks between sections at your discretion. You’re assigned an allotted break time, so
plan your break time wisely. Some people do the first two blocks back-to-back
when they are fresh, just to conserve that break time for later. But again, because our attention spans are
limited, I recommend you take a 5-minute break even between block 1 and block 2. Lastly, be confident. You’ve already done the hard part and all
your studying is complete. Don’t waste energy cramming or psych yourself
out by doubting yourself. Be confident, think positive and congratulations,
you’re almost done. Alright guys, that’s it for this video. Let me know what you think in the comments
below. If you liked the video make sure you press
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