Texas GOP women talk women’s health issues

It doesn’t matter to me who carries the message as long as we’ve got a good, conservative
message going out there. I think it sends a message that they’re trying. That’s not something that I just wake up
one day and say, “Hey, this is what I want to carry in the state Legislature.” My wife has very strong opinions. Come home and ask Dara Hegar or my
two girls or most of, a lot of my team that has been around me for years is women — my chief
of staff, my district director, my executive assistant. So the people that really run my life are
surrounded by ladies, and a lot of the questions that I have either before the legislation
is filed or during is in discussions with them. For myself, as a Republican woman, I
don’t have a problem with that. To me I don’t have to have a
woman carrying a bill for me. I think that it’s nice to have women at
the table, which is why we’re always looking for more women to run ’cause I do think it
helps the message. But overall, I think Republicans have the
same message, men or women. Women’s issues are our country’s issues. Unlike Democrats, we’re interested
in tax reform and cuts. We’re interested in every economic and
public policy issue there is. There is no “women’s issue.” We don’t vote based on our uterus. I would argue that those are elected officials
who women elected in the state of Texas, and so they do represent a lot of Texas women’s values. While a man not be able to appreciate, specifically
themselves, health issues that affect women, they know women who have health issues, and
we all don’t have to experience something to have an empathy for it or want to work
toward finding a cure or help or trying to facilitate, make things better.

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