The 3 EASIEST ankle strength exercises for trail runners

Hello I’m Claire from Wild Ginger Films
and one of the most often questions that I get asked is “How do I strengthen my
ankles for running on uneven terrain?” So, I’m going to give you three of the
easiest exercises that you’ve ever done in your life. Honestly you can do them
while boiling the kettle or even while watching TV – three exercises to increase
your strength your mobility and your balance. Do these exercises 15 times a
day on each foot to start training your ankles for off-road running. Here we go.
Exercise number one is Ankle Circles. 15 to the right, 15 to the left, then swap
the foot. To make this harder you can shut your eyes, or you can grab a pillow
or a rolled-up towel and stand on that for extra instability, so you’re not only
getting ankle mobility you’re getting a balance workout as well and that will
stand you in brilliant stead for running on uneven paths. Next exercise is Up and
Down, it’s very simple. Point the toes flex the foot up and down. Do that 15 times on
each foot. And then the final exercise is
Side-to-Side see how far you can go. You can do these watching TV as well if you’re feeling particularly lazy. Then, once you’ve mastered those… Get an orange get a
sock. Orange into the sock bit of weight. This is harder! [Narrator] Somebody waggling an orange in a sock with their foot…this may well be one of the most disturbing
YouTube videos you’ve seen today but it will help you increase your ankle
mobility strength and balance for a running off-road. It really could be any
piece of fruit it doesn’t have to be an orange it just was heavier than an apple
I mean, you could try a banana. I haven’t tried a banana, it might look a
bit odd but what could be odder than an orange in a sock to be honest? So there we go, weren’t they just the easiest exercises in the world, can you not fit those into your daily life? Do it when you’re
boiling the kettle when you’re waiting in a queue just get on one leg start to
circle and maybe don’t get the sock out in public but at home while watching TV
you know what you’ve got to do. So, keep up the great work
and I’ll see you flying down the trails with bomb-proof ankles sometime soon.

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