The ALL-IN-ONE AB EXERCISE – Abs, Obliques, Pillar Strength!!

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  1. Those rotating workouts kill me 😀 anyways them results are worth it! Thanks Jeff nice workout as usual! Lookin forward for more stuff 🙂

  2. Happy New Year Jeff – awesome start to the year with this workout!
    Managed to keep my 2010 workout resolution throughout the year & should only get better this coming year.
    @xkidb123… going on other similar exercises I'd imagine 2 sets of 12 each side using a weight you can take to failure or thereabouts.
    If you don't have the luxury of 2 benches a bench & a lounge will do

  3. i would love to start your 90day program jeff my friend but am 15 and its the price that is the problem lol

  4. Looks like yer gettin' a little salt and pepper in the hair, Jeffro!! Love the program, love the exercises, I'll be sending you guys some before and after pics in six months!!

  5. @like5no5other if like most people u find cardio boring and useless, look at jeff's conditioning workout vids their like intense circuit training so your loosing a hell of a lot more body fat doing just 5 minutes in those than half an hour on a dumb treadmill! also their very enjoyable and rewarding to do, and the results are much much quicker

  6. @like5no5other
    i wont to know this aswell 🙂 , i guess if you tone up more and get bigger muscles you wont have any lose skin any more 😉

  7. @like5no5other Try choco butter, it usually gets rid of stretch marks, maybe it'll do something to extra skin too :]

  8. @TheTman307 he got tons of videos man go to his channel and watch all of it… he been doing this for a minute…

  9. @like5no5other I'll suggest strength training which will build more muscle on your body. the more muscle you have the more calories you burn in your body. Good Diet and Ab workout and once or twice cardio a week.

  10. @like5no5other do Cobra Yoga Abdominal Exercises and Upward Facing Dog Yoga Abdominal Exercises do around 10 to 15 deep breathings in each everyday.
    it has helped me a lot.
    hope it works for you.

  11. Hey Jeff!

    I just boght your system… I love it! But I was wondering when is the ''Bombs away'' Back Workout coming??

  12. Holly smoke, never saw that exercise. It looks hard but effective. Heading out for gym this afternoon and will try it ! Thanks JDCav !!!!!

  13. I'm a small build, 5' 6" to be precise and quite thin in my stature.
    Could I ever gain more muscle than I have.
    I did gain muscle once when I used to work out but it reached a limit and I wouldn't gain anything anymore. This was nearly 10 years ago and I can't pull the same weights anymore. Is it technically possible or is it just in my genes?

  14. @adamrocks2006 I'm sure the major sports team he trained is complaining. Or the degree he received didn't involve how to protect the spin. He looks like his spine and shoulder is in pain.

  15. @abuladula Oh it's possible.. just stick a needle in your ass! Just kidding, the "right" diet, in combination with the proper workout, WILL yield results. You have to want it though.. Hit the weights hard 5 days a week, concentrating on 1-2 muscle groups per day, not your whole body everyday. drink your protein, take your vitamins, maybe a little N.O. before your workouts and you WILL get stronger, I promise! Put the headphones on, and focus on your workout only. This is what I do, and it works

  16. been following your vidz just this past 2 weeks man, its another Xtreme yet awsome abs exercise.. hey Jeff how many repetitions will I do on each side?

  17. My lower back got destroyed doing this at the gym. This is the second time ive tried it and brfore mycore or pilar start to fail my back is gon and i cant support myself. Do i need to work on my lower back stregnth, see i think i just have a dodgy lower back cos its sore with most excercises i do even squats and uprght rows. HMMM help. ta.

  18. hey i would like to loss weight fast and heard after burn effect works but idk how to trigger that effect after a workout so i was hoping if u know how to do that ? thanks

  19. Just did this today and its one of the hardest ab exercises i've ever done. Hold a 15 pound weight and do three sets of ten…enjoy the burn guys and thanks jeff for the idea.

  20. whats up with all these 90day programs?fitness is a lifelong deal and for me 90 days is a generic goal,almost sounds as though your done after that.short term goals are great but alot of those goals fall really short in the fitness aspect,its a way for some to get involed but everyone should realize that there gonna want to change and have to do the work,and do more than a 90 day program.keep up the brutality and thanx

  21. @spazmoso um.. its not saying you only work out for 90 days and you'll stay ripped for life. the idea is being able to get that ripped in 90 days. you still gotta do maintenance, duh

  22. @thanatos71209 wow a f#$%in brain surgeon,thanks for enlightening asying people in general get the wrong idea with 90 programs it should be stressed that its a great way to start but….

  23. @thanatos71209 did u even read my previous comment?i never said once u can or should stop after 90days read the whole comment before you get all self knowing and rightous

  24. @thanatos71209 last time loser READ MY COMMENT before u say some stupid remark,i dont make anything SEEM like anything its a comment troll,deal with it

  25. Hey Jeff, just one question. Should i do abbs every day or maybe every 3rd day ( 2 times a week) to give them rest. Thanks

  26. @1dollymixture It'll be too late if you keep asking. I'm 47 and an ex-infantryman and it's the best training system I've ever used.

  27. Very unique exercises and they work great! I just recently viewed som of his material a week ago and I'm getting great burns while at the gym especially with his abs routine. I've been working out for years now and I can't remember the last time my abs were this sore… Great ab workouts and very creative! Keep up the good work!

  28. Been studying core like a madman lately and can't wait to get back to my home base and work with this one for a while. Looking at it, it definitely makes sense.

  29. would you even be strong if it weren't up to weights? i dont have weights at my home so could you please upload nonweight ab excersizes?

  30. Jeff, I added this today to my Full Body High Intensity Workout (Big 5 55 X-press [Own] version), after the workout… It's Awesome with a capital "A"! I am striving to earn again the body i had 5 years ago (When i was 18 and was devoted to martial arts), but this activates the core in a way that's different from anything i've done…

    Would you recommend me to giant-set this with the two sides and "Plank-Marches" between the sides? Or would it be overkill?

  31. i do something similar, but on the floor and drag a 15 kg pound bag from side to side underneath me whilst in the plank position.

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