The All-Male Panel on Women’s Health: The Daily Show

Unlike the Republicans, we have an actual woman
who can give us her perspective on how this bill
impacts women’s health. Michelle Wolf, everybody. (cheering, applause) Thank you. Thank you. Hello, Trevor, hello. So, Michelle, let’s just
get straight into it. What do you make
of this health care bill? Oh, I’m not sure this is a bill as much as it’s a line
from a Notorious B.I.G. song. Republicans were just like, ♪ (bleep) bitches, get money. ♪ Now that’s a health care plan,
baby, baby. Well, I mean, Michelle, at least
Biggie loved the ladies, right? I mean, seriously,
look at the senators who we’re trusting
with health care. That doesn’t look like the panel
that protects women. That looks like the panel
that says, “Well, she drowned. “Guess shewasn’ta witch. Throw in another one.” 13 white guys and no women. 13 white guys
and no women. In that group they were able
to get two Mormons, but no women. Which is weird for Mormons, ’cause normally
they want extra women. I mean, you’d think
they’d at least put Mike Pence in that group so his wife would
have to be there, too. Well… well, to be fair…
to be fair, Michelle, just because this bill
is being worked on by only men doesn’t mean that
they can’t be fair to women. Oh, sure, I mean,
theycouldbe fair to us, but this is what
they’ve done so far. REPORTER:
The bill, in its current form,
would hit women
especially hard.
For example,
women who are pregnant,
have had a previous C-section,have irregular periods,have breast cancerand endometriosis,
among others,
could all be slappedwith the pre-existing
condition label,
opening up the door
for insurers
to potentially
deem them uninsurable.
I’m sorry, you’d have to pay
extra for insurance if you get irregular periods? Okay, quick glimpse
into a lady’s life. Every period
is an irregular period. It’s not like a paycheck, where it arrives
on the same day every month. Your period is more like
an outdoor cat. You know it’s gonna
come back at some point, but you’re never positive when,
and you have no idea what it’s gonna have
in its mouth. (cheering, applause) What is that? The only thing regular
about a period is that it sucks. Am I right, Trevor? -Oh, I don’t know if I…
-Yeah. See? Men can’t even
talk about periods without getting squeamish. Even our president
is uncomfortable with periods. That’s why he never uses them
in sentences, exclamation point. In fact, I think that’s the only
way to fix this problem. Women just need to show up
in Washington. Oh, like a…
like another march. No, we just need
to go into congress and talk about periods. The men will disappear like a boner
when you smell grandma. And then us women can
handle this (bleep) ourselves. And don’t worry, congressmen, under our plan,
we’ll cover assholes.

100 Replies to “The All-Male Panel on Women’s Health: The Daily Show”

  1. am I the only one who thought 13 men have no wives, daughters, no mothers, aunts to be requiring healtcare? oh right they have enough money to take care of them plus government funded medical coverage!

  2. lol it's funny how because there are no women that means oppression. Why should people elect people from their jobs just because they're women… idk but I'm smelling a double standard

  3. Irregular period? How much of an asshole you have to be to put that on a federal bill? I mean we all know you guys are assholes but do you have to make us say it out loud?

  4. You're judging all these congressman as men just because they look like old white men? How dare you. Maybe they identify as zems, zers, or transgenders. I'm so fk'n triggered rn.

  5. Before that panel can say a word about women's health care, let them first shove a baby doll up their asses and shit it out again

  6. I, for one, agree with them. Let's treat men and women equally in healthcare. If a doctor refuses to provide birth control to unmarried women even for health reasons (like endometriosis where you can literally bleed to death) and this is allowed, then unmarried should not have coverage for Viagra or any life saving blood pressure medications that can have the same effect. If a woman is expected to continue a pregnancy because it is "God's will", then men who suffer testicular torsions should not receive treatment because clearly God is micromanaging their balls and wants this indescribable pain to happen. Those sperm cells are capable of more movement than a fetus in the first month and each has the potential to become a child. Women, married or unmarried, are often coerced into PAPs and mammograms even if they aren't needed by doctor's threatening to refuse to provide care, even for unrelated issues like asthma. Somehow this "personal decision" by the doctor escapes informed consent cancer screening laws. From now on, any man who refuses his yearly prostate exam can be denied any medical care. If women are held to such ridiculous standards, hold the men to them as well. I assure you, they won't last a year.

  7. I don't know what the hell these republicans think they are doing, but it seems like they are declaring war against women. This whole new disaster going on with the US politics makes me really happy that I don't live in America.

  8. Now days polygamy is not practiced by mormons. It's hasn't been that way for a long time. There are a few that still do it, but for the most part it's history.

  9. Stop pushing Michelle Wolf and this horrible biased feministic agenda!
    Having said that, I think the issues discussed in this segment are very important.

  10. Well of course! Men know more about women's health better than women! Us females know nothing about our bodies so I fully trust old white males with no uterus to know how a uterus functions! 🙂

  11. Take another look at that Senate Republican "Working" Group; not only are they all men, they are all white and all wealthy. The chances of them handing any power over to women is microscopic. Michelle is funny and she is absolutely right.
    What's truly sad is that the Republican Tax Bill also cuts the Children's Health Insurance Program by 20%. That is another Trump campaign promise broken: "No cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid". Total Bullshit. The budget would also slash other programs that help the working poor: food stamps, student programs, the earned-income credit, the child tax credit and disability payment. It's a rich, white male power grab; straight up.

  12. Is this not the same woman who said men were pussies for not being able to have birth control that made you sterile and suicidal. What a good comedian she is, 10/10

  13. To all american women: get out… immigrate… cause it sounds like you are living in some sort of third world country.

  14. Just read opinion piece by Orrin Hatch on CNN. He called endometriosis a public health emergency. In it, he tells the story of his granddaughter, who was diagnosed with the condition at 15. How can you personally witness the devastating effects of this disease, and still propose legislation that would make it harder for women to receive treatment?

  15. I'm having a love affair with Michelle Wolf after she killed it at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Join me unless you're an insecure man or brainwashed woman, in which case you're right I'm wrong I'm sorry so so sorry you're right of course you're right. Are you tired of winning yet?


  16. Domestic violence isn’t a problem, it’s a solution.

    Don’t worry I’m already on the train to hell.

  17. Almost like it isn't real life…I use to love Daily Show…still love the content, but I can't help but to feel making news entertaining has allowed Trump and our current incompetent crop of politicians to live a bit longer and comfortably not as villains or dangers to society, but as these characters we enjoy laughing about and complaining about rather than outing out of any position that allows them to make decisions that affect actual human beings…

    That Biggie Smalls joke off the rip…good stuff tho

  18. Those motherfuckers would get a woman that abortion in five seconds if it was one of their mistresses. Bank on that!

  19. Guys don’t understand periods at all and they’re so damn squeamish about it. I’ve met a few who get it but I’ve met some who are convinced it’s a choice, that you can hold it in or that it’s a symptom of immorality

  20. why the fuck aren't americans standing up for their women and trashing this administration?

    I'm glad I left, because if I stayed, I'd either be in jail for fighting the current government, or too embarrassed to show my face.

    the world is watching, and america? you are FAILING.

  21. Not trying to start an argument or anything and I completely disagree with the legislation they are putting forward but 1. What does race have to do with it? And 2. If we want women in congress don't we need to have more women campaigning for said positions?

  22. 0:49
    13 white guys? really?
    the white in there is completely unnecessary
    like wwhy does the color of these men make any difference whatsoever
    the problem is that there are only men in this panel
    keep your Racism in your pocket for a sec and look at the real issue

  23. all male panels? I don't find any that exist in mom culture. Women are never held accountable, much of whiny complaining victims.

  24. 1:00 Mormons haven’t practiced polygamy in at least half a century and the fact that you think they still do exposes your stupidity on a scale that’s beyond me.

  25. There will be hell to pay of they make any of those listed into pre-existing conditions… There are like 3 women in the world who have regular periods, aren't pregnant, don't have endometriosis and/or haven't had a C-section…

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