The Best Education for a Strength Coach

“Do you have any recommendations on the
best university or educational programs for beginner strength coaches?” Well I
mean I think the best program world is St. Mary’s University in Twickenham
London. They have a brilliant senior lecturer there. Who is it?
But I just think their master’s program is great. I don’t necessarily want to
tell you what I want to pick out a specific university but for educational
programs I would I always tell people the following ok. I think you should
compete in an Olympic lifting meet. I didn’t say you had to be the world
champion but one of the things that competing is an Olympic lifter… now boy I
tell you a power lifting meet probably wouldn’t be a bad idea either, is in the
process of preparing yourself to, now that’s if you’re physically able
obviously and all those other caveats, but one of the things about competing in a
weightlifting meet or a power to meet is the great understanding you’re gonna
have about peaking and programming and what the tension levels you need to do
the jobs. So let’s just put those two, so there aren’t, I do want you to have some
experiences okay. One of the experiences maybe two is compete in a
weightlifting meet, Olympic lifting meet, in a power meet. Both, either, I don’t
care. I think it’ll help you immensely. I think you need some kind of nutritional
background okay. I personally think from my vision of things
John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition is the best. Speaking of John, John has a
new book he sent me this week. I think it’s fabulous and he also has a nice
little note in here written to me and he’s a very kind young man and I think the
book has. I’m not as deep as I thought I’d be in it but the section on Crucial
Conversations is top end. So compete in an Olympic lifting or power lifting meet for
the reasons of, because you want to be a strength coach so you gotta understand
what intensity means. You got to have some background in nutrition. Not necessarily
become a professional nutritionist but you’re got to get hammered with
nutrition questions. I don’t think it would be a terrible idea to do like a
10k, a spartan race, a mudder, a triathlon like I did back in the 80s just to get a
sense of the endurance side of things but you have to do it and experience it
okay. So I also think there’s, if you can, if you can get yourself to a good
kettlebell cert. What makes a good kettlebell cert really, is if you have
somebody really qualified to teach. There are you know I mean there’s quite a few of them out there now, but one of the nice things about a
kettlebell cert is that you, at least for a lot of people, they finally learn that
this is a hinge and this is a squat and that is very important for most people.
There’s some other certs I think have value. Short-day certs. I
would also recommend that you go, if you can, to something like Perform Better and
take it seriously. Go to the three-day thing. Try to go to
many of the workshops you can and what will happen is you’re gonna get a taste
for the field. You’re gonna go to a mobility workshop. You might go to a Tom
Plummer on the business of fitness. Now wait, I know you might want to be a
strength coach at a high school or college but I think you listen to
somebody like Tom, you’ll get a better vision about what’s going on in the
industry and if you don’t think that the fitness industry has an impact on your
high school and collegiate athletes you’re crazy.
Massive. Everything. Every time a new gym opens up or a new theory, it’s
gonna hit your school right away. There’s this video that came out on
Netflix a week or so ago about eating a certain style and so every time I go
anywhere, people asking about, “What do you think about this style of eating?” I’m
like, so you’re gonna with… so I like on Netflix, I like I like to watch Star Trek
The Next Generation, How I Met Your Mother,
and James Bond movies. So I’m going for my scientific information, the same place
I go to see Star Wars you know. Little issue here. So you know you’re gonna get
bombarded constantly by the new stuff in the industry. If you can go to a workshop
with someone who focuses on fat loss and the
next workshop is somebody who focuses on nutrition for golfers, you’re going to
see some similarities but you also see some differences and that’s going to
help you a long term in the business. I like the idea of having a university degree
versus… Nothing breaks my heart more when I will be, I’ll get an email from
somebody and they’ll have like ten different groups of letters on their
qualifications but they don’t have a university degree. I’m a big believer in
and it’s okay if you can’t afford it or you can’t do it
but if you can, getting a degree in the field. Now I’m not sure what the best
degree is to be a strength coach at the university level anymore. I mean if I say
exercise physiology, I’ll get emails from people saying that’s the stupidest thing
they’ve ever heard me say. If I say this or that kinesio, doesn’t matter, but there are some really good programs out
there. When I was in college, I recommended to my friends to go up to
Oregon State because they had a fine professor there. Middleton middle or
eastern Tennessee state has some fine professors there. Traditionally
Springfield College has had some fine professors.
There’s some junior colleges in California that are better than most
universities for their staff. It’s not as true anymore when I was in Skyline you
know Skyline college San Bruno California, we had Case Tungsid there, Bob Lahottie and some others. We were they were pioneers on a thing called par courses
and you’ll recognize word parkour from there. Skyline was one of the first in
the nation. We had a water weigh in tank at Skyline which was just. We also had an
area where they could measure your oxygen carbon dioxide
breathing in a junior college I was you know it was available full time to us
athletes. I kind of wish I would have used it even more. So you’re gonna have to do a
little researching. Look at your budget but then if you come up with a few
things, you email them you email me directly and I’ll help you I’ll help you
if I can all right. Thanks.

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