The Blood Would Never Lose it’s Power | Crystal Tate at Mount Moriah Baptist Church

The blood that Jesus shed for me way way back on Calvary. The blood that give me strength from day to day It will never lose its power Oh! It reaches to the highest mountain. And it flows to the lowest valley. Oh YES The blood that gives me strength from day to day It will never lose its power Oh, it reaches to the highest mountain. and it flows to the lowest valley oh yes the blood that gives me strength from day to day it will never lose its power one more time it reaches to the highest mountain and it flows to the lowest valley oh! the blood that gives me my strength from day to day it will never lose it will never ever lose it will never lose its power

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  1. Don't make no christian since the girl just sitting and sanging, like it aint nothing …Let's see Le'andria Johnson do that, just kidding, but she did kill it.

  2. Oh yessuh you ARE Sundays Best!!! Glory! The blood the blood the blood will neva lose its power glory!! HALLELUJAH

  3. I need this girl to come sing at my church during communion. I guarantee the floor would be full of grape juice and every body would be at the dry cleaners that week to get them stains out of the

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  5. Jesus thank you God I asked God to bless this young lady listen to this song every day and each day I get stronger the blood never loses its power

  6. This woman makes me want to get on a plane and come see her sang not sing, she is singing this song I listen to it everyday and fall out every time. So powerful, one of my favorites gospel songs.

  7. My Lord! Crystal aint playing. The blood reaches to the highest mountain and it flows to the lowest valleys. do your hear me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. All praise to the Most High GoD 1corinthians14 33:-37 God is not the author of confusion let you women keep silent for it is the law but moving on Brother i love you 1 corinthians 13 love is the greatest Gift given to us from Yah but hate hate to bring the bad news to all isrealite champs read Isaiah60:12 for all of the other nations that dont do what yah say will be destroyed also most importantly but if you read Isaiah3 the last 7 verses in the chapter is talking about you and your women leaving you because you will Die in the streets and your women will be left with the true Soldiers in Christ the chosen ones who endured until the end if you live by the sword you shall die by it thats when Isaiah4 gonna come in effect and fulfilled and they will find true love from 144, be cause you chose to hate people and not evil psalms150 say let everything that has breath praise the lord thats everybody because Ezekiel 36 and Psalms18 Yah is here on earth just chillimg watching and waitimg

  9. remember the Holidays God Hates them Christmas Jeremiah 10 thanksgiving Hosea7:14 also Exodus34:18 tells you Easter is actually the New Years the first month of the years is the month of Abib look it up April is really the New Year not Easter and the Month of March is the month of Adar witch is the 12month of the year read the book of Ester 9:1 wake up and stay in the Uhop

  10. Read Isaiah3 around the last 7 verses talks about the Israelite champs and there wives running to the true men of God because because you didnt love thy neighbor as you love yourself Isaiah4. ACTS10:10 YOU CAN EAT WHAT YOU WANT I CAN EAT WITHOUT WASHING MY HANDS NOW Mark7:14 wasnt just talking about food Christ said nothing that you put in can defile the soul. Evil come from the mind your heart and God comes to poppa Peter in act 10:28 call no man unclean Ezra10 says dont sleep with them but we all can worship together Isaiah56,Jeremiah12,Hebrews8,Mathrews21:13, Isaiah60

  11. ISAIAH24 God said he turned the world up side down and made it a waste also Deutoronomy28 tells you the Lord put us in captivity think its 2thessalonians2:11 Yah pours out a spirit of delusion that we should believe a lie and also Isaiah29 God pours out a spirit of deep sleep in us and dumb out or leader because our foreparents crossed him so the answer to your? YAH did it there was no other way they could ever lay a finger on our people with out the Most High Powerful Creator who sit high and looks down low he uses the earth as his footstool the clouds are the dust of his feet and his Love and Mercy indures forever HalleluYah

  12. Isaiah4 in that day 7 women shall take hold to 1 man saying we will eat our own bread and wear our own appearl only let us be called by your name because the only way a women can be saved is threw child baring. 1Timonthy2: 9-15 Go read and see if im lying you women make men bow to you when Daniels 3 the 3 Hebrew boy went into a fire fernist to be burnt alive before they bow down to a Man. Men get off your knees and stop bowing to these women they are not your YAH/GOD

  13. Isaiah 56:7 United House of Prayer for all People all nations are allowed to worship with us the real Children of Yahweh read Isaiah56:3-7 and Jeremiah12:16-17 it also says let the other nations worship with us also so they be without excuse also read Isaiah60:12 it says for all the other nations that refuse to Do the Most High will and bring us back into our rightful place will be wasted we are to teach not just our people but the nations because Yahweh chose us to be a light to the world psalms150 let everything that has breath praise the Lord even the elements, trees, grass, dirt, even the devil will bow and worship the Power and Glory of our Holy abba Father who sits high in heaven and uses the earth as his footstool and if we dont teach the other nations to worship the most High Yah of Isreal then how will they begin to cleave to Jacob they have to learn and believe in Yah the same way we needed to wake up they are deep sleep to have no fear in Yah or his children youtube channel Uhop matthrews21:13 just like Solomons temple still to this day but worse Christ did not come start his own temple He went where our Father set his name and spared not Isaiah58 but EZRA10 there are many different birds but do they all mate and there are many different Cats and dogs Do a Lion lay down with a Tiger or a Wolf with a Bear? But do they all worship Yah together in the animal world? What im saying is we can not Marry women or men from the other nations Acts 10:10 and Act10:28 Yah our Creater appears to GrandpopPeter to us all call no man unclean then first he tells Peter Eat and call no food unclean but before that Christ told them in mark 7:14 it isnt what goes into the man that defiles the soul its what comes out of you that defiles your soul what you put in will come out but. Good and Evil comes from with in your heart the mind our New commandment is Love and it will fullfil all off the laws,status, commandments ,and ordernancies read 1Corinthians13 on Love and you will see search Uhop its his Kingdom

  14. Somebody's old-time hymns give you strength and open up the gates of Heaven it moves your spirit which is the Holy Spirit and give your soul peace old-time gospel without fanfare are bringing attention to yourself just seen the song and let it flow in the holy spirit will do the rest amen praise God

  15. Sitting down!? She tearing this song up! And there's no God? You must be absolutely in denial to think God didn't bless her with these vocals! Thank you Jesus Christ for this vessel!

  16. Between this woman's Ministry and the Pace sisters, God is showing up and showing off ! Blessed in 2019 from this music !

  17. She was also pregnant in this video…. for people that don't have kids or males…breathing gets harder when you're pregnant. Her husband is the Pastor of the church. They get to hear this voice all the time. #imjealous lol

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