The Coordination Of Individual Efforts Is Essential For Success – Andrew Carnegie

Summed up in a few words, what you are saying
is that the coordination of individual efforts is essential for success in any business,
and the majority of men lack the ability or the inclination to cooperate with others in
an efficient, friendly manner? That is precisely what I have been saying,
and it is supported by the experience of all able business leaders. The best evidence of its soundness may be
found in the well-known fact that while ordinary manual labor is always plentiful, managerial
ability always is scarce. This is because men with the temperament,
education, experience and personal inclination to coordinate the efforts of others are scarce. This scarcity accounts for the fact that able
managerial ability always commands its own price, because here, as elsewhere in the field
of economics, the law of supply and demand obtains.

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