The Diet of a Champion Female Bodybuilder

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  1. i am floored with that kind of commitment. its like meditation every hour of the day. food is just fuel and all you want to do is hit the gym to grow, learn and improve. YES, the steroids part is a different debate here and most dont understand the WHY and HOW of it. you go girl.. i wish nothing but the best for you.

  2. Whats with all the negative comments? Yes shes a female bodybuilder, yes she takes steroids that come with being a pro bodybuilder, I like how well spoken and so polite and articulated she is. Bravo miss.

  3. Sorry, but i cannot fake kindness about this. Female bodybuilders are DISGUSTING, it should be banned. Its gross enough seeing men do this shit to their bodies. Its excessive, you become a slave to your body when you become muscle obsessed, its a mental disorder, especially when you think you look good. Being fit is one thing, but this is taking it too far. GROSS

  4. there is discipline and there is obsession, she sacrificed way too much….i fail to see the difference between this and having an eating disorder, just because it took her a lot of hard work doesn't make it right……i wish her luck tho and hope she reaches her goal

  5. Cutting your family off is no life at all. That's shameful. When the steroids put you in the hospital who's gonna be there to help?

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