THE DOLPHIN PLANK ⎮ Plank Exercise Variation ⎮ PLANKMAS DAY 22

Hi guys. My name is Amanda Louise. I am a physical therapist and personal trainer,
which means I help women just like you get in the best shape of your life. In today’s video I’m going over the dolphin,
which is actually a yoga Asana that I also like to do as a plank slash shoulder ab variation. And today I’m going to show you guys. So if you’re ready, let’s get into the video. To get into the dolphin you start on all four
with your knees right under your hips, and your hands right under your shoulders. Come down on your elbows. Wrap your hands around your upper arms. Interlace your fingers. Make sure the pinky goes into the hands, all
the weight is not resting on the pinky, and then you lift up. I’ll show it again here. So on all fours, down on your elbows, wrap
around. Make sure you have your elbows close enough
that you can reach around your biceps. Interlace your fingers. Pinky goes into the hand. And then tuck your toes down, extend your
knees up, and come into sort of a downward dog on your elbow. And then from here you can dive down in a
plank position and then push back. It’s important that this setup is right before
you go into the plank, or the dive, whatever you want to call it. It is a dolphin so I like to call it the dive
down. You go as low as you can, rolling over your
shoulders. As close to the floor as you can. Imagine your hips going down towards the floor,
and your chin going down towards the floor in front of your hands. From there you reverse the movement and push
your hips back up. Make sure the back is nice and straight. Keep your posterior pelvic tilt, and make
sure you keep that posterior pelvic tilt and your hips down, even when you dive down to
the floor. It’s really easy to forget to bring the hips
down into the full plank. Just focus on not pushing the butt up unnecessarily. And that is the dolphin. I hope you found this video inspirational
and useful, and if you haven’t tried the dolphin before, definitely go give it a try. If you have tried it before, you already know
how challenging it is. And don’t forget to work it into your usual
ab routine. Today’s plank was number 22, so we only have
today and then two more days left. So tomorrow 23rd, and then the 24th. Two more plank variations coming up. I hope you’ve enjoyed doing Plankmas with
me. I know I have to enjoyed doing it with you
guys, and that’s all for me today. Remember to train right and stay fit. Bye.

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