The Fallacy of Single-Payer Health Care

In America today we’re told people have a right to health care. Health care should be a right. Your right to all It’s pretty basic, it’s just the right thing to do. Health care should be a right. The real question is who pays for it? And that’s really not a rights question Chris Pope of the Manhattan Institute City Journal studies health care around the world. Some countries have single-payer systems meaning government pays for everything. That’s what progressives want for America. Never again in America does anyone go bankrupt just because they got sick. Never. What single-payer would do is it would make the government responsible for everybody. Instead of the government being able to focus its resources on the gaps in coverage on the people who can’t provide for themselves the government would actually end up spending most of the money on people who are perfectly able to purchase their own insurance. In England, France, Germany, they have single-payer and they’re happy. Well that’s really not the case in Germany employers provide most of the health care and fund most of the health care, just as they do in the United States. In France too. There are private insurance companies employers fund health care, people pay out of pocket the same way that they do in the United States So who does have single-payer? Canada, Norway, England. They have good outcomes in Norway, England, and Canada. In England there is rarely a week that goes by without a crisis or another in the health care system being part of the news. This year there was a crisis in emergency room care people left in the hallways for hours and hours. Admitted in terrible pain having broken her back, she spent six days and six nights on a bed in a corridor. Doctors on strike, nurses on strike. In Canada too. The average length of stay in an emergency room is four hours. One in ten people have to wait more than eight hours. What happens when you start thinking of a single-payer system is you start allocating healthcare resources like a politician you start thinking, well what’s serious enough to care about and what’s kind of not such a big deal. With public money, you should. But it turns out that the government will try and deny care or impose really long waiting lists in the hope that people won’t seek treatment. Do they need knee replacement? From a politician’s point of view it’s not going to kill them and you could save a lot of money by not providing it to them. In Britain, people buy private insurance to cover that. About 15% of the population purchases private insurance. But private insurance is what single-payer advocates want to get rid of. The private insurance companies don’t like this idea. We’re going to put them out of business. Put ’em out of business. Well it makes you wonder whether this is more about spite than it is about improving people’s health. The drug companies that are ripping off the American people and charging us the highest prices in the world don’t like the idea, tough luck. The cost of drugs is really quite cheap compared to even a night in a hospital. In England people don’t get billed for such expensive drugs but often that also means, whenever a new drug comes on the market that can save lives, the government just doesn’t have the funds to pay for it. The sick person may never know about the better treatment. Services that you would have access to in the United States you’re just entirely unaware of them. But what about poor people who can’t afford these services? The United States certainly does more than other countries. I hear we do less. Over a trillion dollars a year in public spending really, to provide health care to people who don’t afford it. American emergency rooms treat anyone who comes in, and Medicaid pays for health care for poor people. In addition, we have the Medicare program which provides care to another 50 million. So just leave it the way it is? There’s certainly a couple of areas that we can really improve things on. More competition between hospitals. We have competition between hospitals. We don’t really. It’s very hard to set up a new hospital. Many states forbid it unless a board of so-called experts determines that there’s a need. The people who will be on these boards will be the hospital’s that are already in the state, and so the hospital industry is a bit of a cartel. His main suggestion? Allow more people to choose their own healthcare plans. We currently have a system based on employers picking which healthcare plan is good for employees. If we move towards a healthcare system where individuals were more responsible for shopping around, people would choose a better system. Consumers hear that and say, I can’t keep up with this stuff. I’m not smart enough to make the decisions about where I should spend the money. I want experts to do this for me. Everyone knows what a good hospital is in the area. If you’re an individual shopping for health care, you’re looking after your own interests. Under our current system, government and insurance companies spend seven out of eight healthcare dollars for us. The question is do we improve on the health care system by empowering consumers, or do we basically just say this is the government plan, deal with it.

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  1. Just about everything in this is a lie or twisted into nonsense. Ask Canadians or UK citizens if they want to give up single payer. UK is in 'crisis' because of right wingers like these guys. Period.

  2. When will Singularity University's Crispr be online to help? Will the Feds use old WalMarts because the Feds own the land? How do the fundamental Christians feel about that?

  3. The fallacy of healthcare period. It's been outdated since the 1800s. We have the most expensive least effective in the world.

  4. Insurance company shills. This video is a lie. Wherever you see Stossel you see a fanatic child afraid of cooperation, willing to serve his big money bosses.

  5. Using this logic, American's have no right to a fire service, police, military and so on after all you pay taxes to have a fire brigade in case your home catches fire but using this logic you could say i don't need a fire brigade so why should i pay for it. Shock horror the Institute just happens to promote opinions that support what their donors want so they have worked for the tobacco industry, denied climate change and promoted junk science all to benefit their donors and their far right ideology.

  6. This is total propaganda, yes single payer countries like Germany and France have private healthcare providers but so too does the UK. As for waiting times this only ever happens for non essential treatment but this is true in America as well but the only difference is that unlike the US everyone gets treatment and no one is under treated or rationing their care because they are not wealthy enough or their illness is an expensive one to treat. Problems with the British NHS is down to the Conservative party cutting the money it gets, it currently gets a healthcare expenditure per capita of $4192 dollars per person in the US its $9892 dollars which is more than double the amount of money spent per person and when you consider millions have no healthcare, millions more have little insurance it shows you how bad the US system is, it also does terrible in most healthcare results compared to the single payer nations and its far less bureaucratic. Also do you see your government in your fires service, your police or military, do you see private insurance companies or have forms to fill in, of course not and you don't see it in single payer healthcare systems, you just see medical people.

  7. First of all I gotta say, Harris, Booker, and their friends, are all pieces of shit that ought to be put on their knees and popped in the back of the head. Pelosi and Schumer too. Almost every politician who labels themselves a democrat likewise. With all of that said, the US needs to implement a healthcare system that covers every "Citizen," (NOT Illegal/Non-citizens ). Immigration must be curtailed, because programs like universal healthcare and ALL other social welfare programs cannot exist if you just throw your borders wide open. This is where the fakeness of the democratic party is exposed to everybody for exactly what it is. The media and their owners fail to understand that people see straight the lies.
    It is time for you and me, organized or not, to seek out any agents of the 0ligarchs, and put a bullet in their head. This includes CNN and Fox News hosts. Also includes any banker you know personally. Any Congressman you know, or any judge or person of power in government. We citizens must strike out and KILL them. Any of them, and ALL of them.

  8. government pays for everything ——nonsense —–canadians have 10% deducted from income —employers also pay in —-the government acts as the insurance company collecting premiums and paying claims

  9. Taiwan seems to be managing quite well- the title of the article belies the outcome- read on :

  10. Lies, lies, lies. The truth is, all European countries , and actually all developed countries in the world from Canada to Australia, and from Australia to Japan, ALL OF THEM, EXCEPT USA, have Universal Healthcare system , that either single payer, or very similar to single payer system and it is Universal anyway. Even countries that technically not a single payer, still have very similar system BASED on single payer. Many countries, like Germany and France, have private health insurance on top of government provided single payer system, which is absolutely fine, and we can have it too. That is not the issue. Only one Country in Europe that does not have government provided universal healthcare is Switzerland. They have different system, but not the American system, and it is still Universal to all Swiss citizens and residents. It is heavily regulated by Swiss government, and that is why it is Universal. Swiss government makes sure it is. BTW it is very different from the American system. Why do some people have to lie nonstop? We know why.

  11. "what about the wait time in the ER" dude I went in to the ER literally bleeding from my f***ing head, and I waited 3 hours from when my paperwork was filled out until someone actually did something about it when I was in the room. I was using paper towels I brought from home to stop the bleeding the whole time. Don't start with that "but what about the wait time" bs. It's just as bad here.

  12. Better read this before you all jump on the bandwagon of medicare for all if you are willing to read this and actually consider it. Keep in mind Canadas population is almost 300 million less than the USA:

  13. This is utter bullcrap by the right wing Manhatton institute…. EVERYONE WOULD PAY INTO SINGLE PAYER THROUGH THEIR TAXES just like everyone pays for the largest military in the world that is protecting corperate interest in third world countries…

  14. Chris Pope has no idea what he is talking about when he claims that "the cost of drugs is just really quite cheap when compared to even a night in a hospital." His completely uninformed, uneducated fantasy idea that drugs cost significantly less than a nights stay in a hospital is not remotely consistent with even the most basic understand of how preventative medicine drug therapies work (expensive drugs are generally used for rare difficult to ameliorate or cure chronic diseases, and cannot merely be solved or attempted to be solved by a singular overnight stay). He also completely ignored the fact that those in these situations are human beings – not disease ridden beings with monetary values associated with a business quote. The fact that this video titters on the line of rhetorically claiming single payer as folly or actually endorsing MFA is offensive. Their direction with this video is completely unclear and sloppy.

  15. I am a libertarian so I don’t believe in the government providing stuff for “free”. But just curious, many ppl say good things about Japan, Singapore and Taiwan’s healthcare system. Was wondering if that is really the case.

  16. I'll stop at about 0:15 for now and respond to the "Who pays for it?" question that is posed at that point. In doing so, let me just say that with all due respect, the question isn't even apt at this point, as a single-payer healthcare system would be exponentially cheaper than the for-profit, private marketplace system we currently have. According to a recent UMass-Amherst study, in fact, a single-payer system would save Americans roughly $1.5 trillion over its first 10 years. So really, the more operative question, here, is why do we continue to pay for the vastly more expensive system that we currently have?

  17. Chris Pope has a poor understanding of the purpose of health care and hospitals. To suggest that there should be competition between hospitals is desperate capitalism.

    Also, it is not the UK government which pays for the NHS it is taxpayers through deductions in their pay. This is what it means to live in a civil society, to look after each other.

  18. Steven Crowder, "The TRUTH about Universal Health Care (from a Canadian)"

  19. You have to be a fucking idiot to think that the military has $700 BILLION that the military only uses 1/4 of it and the rest is used for "special projects" AKA, giving money to pro-war companies. They say that single payer wouldn't work. People over there are also doing the same thing TO TRY AND FUCK OVER THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY. If you think single payer wont work, then you aren't even thinking about single payer.

    I'm got shot through the brain in the military, if I had regular healthcare I WOULD BE POOR FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND BECOME HOMELESS, because it was during a break, meaning its MY FAULT I got shot. Also I got shot by a republican, trump loving, military member who was drunk and thought I cheated on his wife who I met that day. He got 3 months in jail and the military did nothing. He turned out to be a kid with family money and his family paid to get him off AND HE ALSO DID IT A SECOND TIME! What he did was against the law and what the government, police, and military did was against their own laws. The fucking system is broken and if you cant see that from my story, then you really are a fucking idiot.

  20. Yeah guys! We can't put our precious tax dollars towards helping sick people. That would be ludacris! We need it for building the wall!!!

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