The GAPS Diet

Hey, guys. Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine and founder of Today I’m going to talk to you about the GAPS Diet.
The GAPS diet is one of my favorite diets out there. It was started by Dr. Natasha Campbell,
MD from the UK, and it is very effective in treating conditions such as learning disorders
like ADHD and other learning disorders such as autism. Also, it’s very effective at helping
people heal from leaky gut, autoimmune disease and other sorts of issues that are neurological
or immune-related in nature. I can tell you that what you’re going to learn
in this video is this diet is very, very effective and it doesn’t have to be that difficult.
In fact, I think the GAPS diet can be simple if you’re willing to go through and learn
just a few simple recipes along the way. Essentially, what the GAPS diet is it’s a
diet that’s easy to digest. It’s really focused on, it’s very similar to a traditional diet,
but this is where grains are eliminated. This is a grain-free diet. It’s high in amino acids,
high in healthy fatty acids, and very low in sugar and carbohydrates. There are different stages. There are actually
six stages to the GAPS diet. I’m going to start talking about stage one and then talk
about the full stage, the final stage here and if want to learn more and get the full
six stages you can visit my website,, or just search my name online, Dr. Axe, it’s
D-R-A-X-E, and then look up GAPS diet on Google and you’ll find plenty of information there
as well. The first thing they recommend is consuming
bone broth. Now, bone broth is packed with amino acids like proline, glycine, glutamine
and arginine. L-proline is the amino acid that helps really tighten up your skin as
well as your gut tissue, so when your skin starts to sag as you age, proline helps in
tightening up your skin. It also helps in repairing leaky gut, which is the root cause
of all autoimmune disease today, and food allergies. If you want to overcome or heal
from any condition, we know all disease begins in the gut so you’ve got to heal leaky gut. When it comes to the GAPS diet, one of the
best things you can do is consume bone broth. The way that you make bone broth is taking
the necks, backs or feet of chickens, put them in a crock pot and you simply let them
cook for 24 hours in a crock pot. Add in a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar.
That starts to pull out those amino acids in the liquid. You then discard the tissues,
you just keep the liquid, and there you have chicken broth. You can do the same thing with
beef bones and that also can be high in proline. Again, that’s the first thing you want to
do, make some broth. Broth is also high in glycine which helps
support liver detoxification which is crucial in healing and balancing the immune system.
Also, L-glutamine is found in broth, and glutamine has been shown to help repair a damaged intestinal
lining which is crucial as well. So again, the primary food on the GAPS diet is bone
broth. After that it’s organic meat, so what you’re
going to do is you’re going to have your bone broth, whether it’s chicken or beef broth,
you’re then going to add in some organic meat, whether that’s chicken or beef, and that protein
is easy to digest and doesn’t affect the immune system. Another great food to add in. And
then vegetables, whether that’s broccoli, cauliflower, or cabbage. My favorite to put
in chicken vegetable soup is going to be celery, carrots and onions, but any type of vegetable
is fine to add in there. That’s going to be the main meal. If you’re
on stage one of the GAPS diet it’s going to be bone broth, meat and vegetables, slow-cooked
over the period of 24 hours, or at least 12 hours. That’s going to be the main meal, and
you’re going to try and eat that as many meals as possible. After a few weeks, typically two weeks on
that stage one of GAPS diet, you’re going to add in some other things like a little
bit of sauerkraut juice or some probiotic-rich foods. It might be a couple spoonfuls of sauerkraut
juice, it might be a couple spoonfuls of a goat’s milk kefir or a 24-hour fermented homemade
yogurt. You’re going to add in some probiotic-rich foods. You’re also going to add in some healthy
fats such as avocados, egg yolks, coconut oil, olive oil or ghee. Those are five of
the healthiest fats that are permitted on phase two of the GAPS diet. Then over time on the GAPS diet you can add
in cooked fruit, you can add in some herbs as well, even some raw vegetables later on,
but the GAPS diet consists mostly of these foods. Number one is bone broth. Number two,
organic meat. Number three, vegetables. Number four, fruit. Number five, nut butters, like
a sprouted almond butter, and then also fermented dairy products like a kefir or a yogurt. Those
are the foods that are allowed on the GAPS diet. If you want to learn more about the GAPS diet
and how it can help you heal from autoimmune disease, leaky gut, and neurological conditions,
even helping support the healing of things like ADHD and Alzheimer’s, go to my website,, and just search GAPS diet, or search online Dr. Axe GAPS diet. I have the full
food list of exactly the foods you want to be following. And if you want to learn more
about natural cures and diets and herbal remedies, I’d love for you to subscribe to my YouTube
channel here. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. This has
been me, Dr. Axe, talking about the many benefits of the GAPS diet.

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  1. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ I will start This Gaps Diet ASAP! I am Having Severe G.E.R.D and Am so Uncomfortable, Not Sleeping Either. I Stopped the Coffee for first time today And Feeling a little Better Since I didn't Drink it this Morning. Thankyou for Sharing your Video Sirโ˜บ

  2. This makes more sense. I believe I have leaky gut syndrome. Affecting my entire skin. I cannot have nuts, rice, oats…etc

  3. may i know how to implement this diet for plantbased eater? can i just leave thet meat out of my diet? or should i substitute with other food?

  4. I see the GAPS diet authors claims, and success stories, but backround of this women, neurolog etc? I can see any info, there is so much specialists on internet nowdays, so hard to find useful information, any asshole can be nutrition specialist in YouTube, and they have lots of followers, and they lsound like "professionals"ย  More reseatrch is needed. Where are the papers that proof cure of ADHD, Autism etc i wonder..

  5. do the bones have to be organic or just the meat? it's around ยฃ13 for one organic chicken! ๐Ÿ˜–
    I have crohns and really want to try this before they put me on azathioprine or operate. currently on morphine for pain as having a flare.

  6. Sorry dont buy this grains are the devil bullshit. so your body can magically digest tons of meat (which i have no problem with) but some brown rice will make you go haywire?

  7. Ive been eating this way coconut oil, olive oil, butter and of course oily fish and veggies and some friuts the not too sweet ones, i.e. berries, my duodenum/small intestine aches and so I read on McDougall websites that eating meat and oil damages the gutand causes this leaky gut situation, meat increases inflammation and damages the gut also and yet the GAPs, SCD diet suggest to eat meat and veg and fat basically, vegans say eat carbs, veg and friut. So last night switched diet and had brown rice and purple sweet potato, my duodenum/small intestine area stopped hurting (first time in a few weeks), woke up this morning mucus and stuffy nose, breakfast had Gluten Free oat porridge and started sneezing and had a runny nose all morning, lunchtime had brown rice and sweet potato from last night, Ive been sneezing my brains out and nose running like a tap, BUT my duodenum/small intestine doesn't hurt, so in order to stop these allergic reactions I switched again to a cleaner low carb type diet, had white fish olive oil and Brussel sprouts felt sick after, maybe cause of bile ejected after a day of not eating any fat, its confusing which diet is the best for me.

  8. What's the alternative to bone broth for a vegetarian to get the amino acids? Bones and meat look disgusting although they may be healthy. :/

  9. Will the GAPS diet make your neck and head grow taller as you? kidding..

    I like the video.. thanks for suggesting good diet..

  10. Gluten free diet motto can only sound like this: Eliminate Everything You Love! Life is too short to spend it in gluten free misery (unless you are Celiac of course)

  11. This guy (who is clearly selling something) doesn't understand that you can't figure out healthy diet one nutrient at a time. You have to look at the overall effects of the foods you eat, and get nutrients from foods that don't simultaneously cause multiple negative ripple effects for your health (meat may have this or that nutrient, but causes more disease in multiple other ways–heme iron, animal fat, animal protein, dietary cholesterol, excess leucine and methionine, advanced glycation end products, etc.). So, multiple forms of research (observational, experimental, natural experiments) have converged on the conclusion that the healthiest diet is a whole food plant-based diet with little or no animal foods, and generally very low in fat (8-12% of calories). This is why Kaiser Permanente–the nation's largest HMO–recommends plant-based diets, and why vegans can get discounts on life insurance.

  12. I want to try this diet for healing ulcerative colitis, but I wanted to know if I can continue using my medications for this disease while doing this diet and just stop using the medications after some months or a year or two. Please tell me if anyone knows.

  13. Dr. Axe and Josh Delauer are the two best people to listen to, to help your natural body functions and keeping in health. I use them both to stay in health. I do not put one above the other because they both say the same thing in health restoration and keeping in shape but talk so if I miss one of them in explanation the other states the same thing so I'll be able to understand the whole meanings. I DID NOT KNOW HOW FAST THE INTERMITTEN FASTING AND THE KETO DIET WORKS. Yes buy the bone broth. I also make my own. I have UNLEASHED POWER form when I wake up till I go to bed. There are no secrets, just plain knowledge Dr. Axe and Dr. Delauer are giving for free! Their products are most wonderful.

  14. You should not cook cow meet with bones in it, because of the risk of the deadly brain disease Creutzfeldt-Jacob! (When the cow has the disease it's called Grazy cow disease. When you eat meat from a cow with this disease, (you never know or that's the case), it are especially the bones with the high risk. So since I know thisfact, I don't make soup with cow bones anymore).

  15. I didn't know about the Gaps diet, but I realized that I felt better when I ate the foods that you are talking about. If I eat all of those good foods, but didn't go in the order that you said, will it make any difference? I have always thought that I am gluten intolerant, but I'm afraid it is getting worse. I am to the point, I have to look closely at labels and I think the federal government needs to do more on drinks and liquids that have wheat in them, because I was drinking things that had gluten and I had no idea. I just can't believe they have re-invented our wheat by screwing up all of the molecules and it is now like poison. That's just wrong!!!

  16. Dr Alex u are great n humble always. But I am a very very simple person n I like to know things the same way.
    So when u talk about bone broth what is that?
    #1 )/ as back people we use bones to make soup. So is that what u are talking about? Or go the the groceries store n buy meat and cut off the real meant n sample use the left over bones to make soup?
    Or are u talking about something else? Because anyone can buy any meat and script n the meant off n leave the bones n use my to make soup

  17. Okay great idea put a bunch of beef or meat in your stomach and then add in sauerkraut things like made with yeast and just give those bad bacteria lots of food backed up in your system to eat off of great idea! Why not add some ghee some thousand-year-old bacteria and knows every trick in the book that you don't know.

  18. Bad bacteria flourish in fermented foods if you're not eating some good bacteria such as yogurt you should not be adding in and probably should never add in fermented foods; supercharger for bacteria.

  19. I'm writing this question because I don't know what else to do. I have aspergers syndrome and I am definitely interested in conquering it, or at least putting a significant dent in it. My question is If I stick to the GAPS diet, will it restore my dopamine and oxytocin deficiencies?

  20. I really need a book made just for me everything I have I dont know what to do I have a hiatial hernia, diverticulosis, severe acid reflex ,and severe gastirits, I can't have sugar or bread or I get sick I can't have too much fiber or to litlle or my diverticulosis acts up please help I dont know what to eat.i checked my acid and they said it's fine but i feel pain and a burn because of hiatial hernia ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  21. Ok but the autism thing isnโ€™t true, I can understand if itโ€™s a gluten intolerance but stupid parents harm their kids by putting them on diets they donโ€™t need all the time, because doctors usually tell them NOT to. So they donโ€™t go to doctors, they try to doctor their kid themselves.

  22. Hi dr. John axe, I have a question I'm pretty sure you probably heard of the Dukan Diet which is better the Dukan diet or the Gaps diet

  23. Ok I want to try this bone broth thing- but I'm not going to buy a bunch of gross chicken parts into a pot for 24 hours. Can I get this stuff pre-made?

  24. What about all the soy that the chickens are fed in their vegetarian feed? Soy affects the thyroid negatively and gives me bad headaches. Will this affect the bones of the chickens that are used to make the bone broth?

  25. Over half the world starves on a daily basis. Want to lose weight? Stop Overindulging. 99% obese people is from too much. Too much candy, too much junk food, too much processed meats, too much alcohol. Hell, too much healthy foods. Too much…

  26. Let's be real. First you take the scared chicken and cute lamb and you kill them and their babie. Then you take their limbs, back and cut them off. put in a pot with water, no prayers for them of course, and then you add vegetables to the dead bodies and you cook eat and say yum. It's called a horror movie…..add sauerkraut juice and goat's milk kefir from a goat you did not say thank you to, nor, at least as American Indians do, thank you for your life….your life for my strength. And then you need some wine…alot, to further numb your heart, to what you did. It is why people are numb to murdering other people…they are already eating dead bodies. And soon they can't love at all…a whole planet to whom love is a stranger. Yes, we already have that. All the carnivore diets will increase it as monies will be spent to find out why.

  27. I came from your Gluten sensitivity vid to this! So I need to be on the gluten free diet and the GAPS diet? Ok, I will give this 2nd diet a shot๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

  28. Dr Axe I have a question,what if u have tried all this and u can't find out why I always have heartburns which is painful , abdominal pains and bloating and farting at times
    Pleeeease help๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜”

  29. Some of the foods listed go against my dairy-free low fodmap diet such as onions, avocados certain high fodmap fruits and vegetables and fermented dairy products. There's also garlic and onion in some bone broth recipes which I can't currently eat on the low FODMAP diet. Can anyone advise please?

  30. Where You mentioned that leaky gut is the root cause of the other illnesses but leaky gut is in itself a symptom which has preceding causes

  31. I just literally couldnt do it. I felt soo bad…and i didnt enjoy the food. So im back with my fruits and sugar

  32. You have some misinformation about Stage 1 of the GAPS diet. Bone broth is an advanced food, and isn't necessarily tolerated well until some healing has already taken place. Stage 1 is 'meat broth', basically meats cooked for around three hours.

  33. Ghee is a healthy fat? 10-15% of cholesterol from the butter will turn into exremly toxic oxistroles, while making the Ghee. Ghee is the last thing you want in your body, even as a person on the carnivore diet.

  34. No no no GAPS stage 1 does not use bone broth! It uses MEAT STOCK. The chemical composition is very different, bone broth will not produce the gut healing that meat stock will. Bone broth comes later, after the initial gut healing process. Seriously, anyone interested in this should buy Dr Campbell-McBride's book and read for themselves. Don't take wrong advice second hand from someone who clearly hasn't read the book.

  35. You need to start with chicken or meat broth because bone broth is to harsh at the beginning for most people with gut problems myself included

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