The Good Doctor (ABC) “Greatest Strength” Promo HD – Freddie Highmore medical drama

Watch out! (glass shattering) Somebody call 911! You saved his life. He has autism. A mental condition characterized by
difficulty in communicating, using language and abstract concepts. Does it sound like I’m
describing a surgeon? The Good Doctor, Mondays this Fall on ABC.

47 Replies to “The Good Doctor (ABC) “Greatest Strength” Promo HD – Freddie Highmore medical drama”

  1. "From the creator of House, his greatest challenge is his greatest strength. The Good Doctor. Mondays This Fall, on ABC."

  2. Let's all support Freddie and watch his new show. He's an outstanding actor and he deserves recognition and awards for his acting!

  3. Freddie Highmore is one of those actors that act the same in every movie or show. Like he;s actually doesn;t know how to socialize in real life.

  4. This is the exact same show the good doctor that's in Korean but the only difference is that it's in English

  5. Freddie deserves recognition for his acting on TV, he did amazing as Norman Bates. I just hope that character doesn't haunt him as it did with Anthony Perkins.

  6. That was a korean Drama Before Disney decide they like it wow..Disney really want to take over the world lol.

  7. Actually pumped about this one. Love Antonia Thomas and Freddie Highmore's work. Hopefully Antonia is a main character.

  8. k-dramaaa, I am so happy that American tv is appreciating some k drama yeyy, hope it is as gooddd. I think am gonna love it.

  9. HOLY!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITEDDDD. Good Doctor was an amazing korean drama. I love that Freddie is in this show. He can do it even better than Joo Won. Both are wonderful actors.

  10. Plot Twist: The Good Doctor dresses up the cadavers in the morgue after hours….while having conversations with his dead mother.

  11. I'm gonna check it out, I mean yes it's Freddie lol He did amazing as Norman Bates but I don't see him as Norman Bates in this. I've moved on from that character he played but anyway I'm happy that he's doing other roles. Can't wait 😁

  12. after watching bates motel this is disturbing. They should have chnged his haircut at least to dispatch the image of norman bates

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