The GOP health care plan: The more you need, the less you get

I have rarely seen a document in politics
as completely devastating as the analysis the Congressional Budget Office just released
of the Republican health care bill. We’re going to get into details in a minute,
but here’s a one-sentence summary: Under the GOP bill, the more help you need, the
less you get. It will make more people uninsured than live
in New York state. And those raw numbers, those headline numbers,
they actually obscure how cruel the underlying policy is. It is particularly bad for the old and the
sick and the poor. It is particularly good for the rich and the
young and the healthy. And to understand why, you have to go into
the specifics of what the bill does. So here’s how it works. The bill guts Medicaid, it cuts the value
of Obamacare’s insurance subsidies in half, and it lets insurance companies charge older
Americans 500 percent more than they charge younger Americans. Then it takes the subsidies that are left
and reworks them to be worth less to the poor and less to the old. It takes the insurers that are left in the
market and it gives them the ability to change their plans, their plans to cover fewer medical
expenses for the sick. And then finally it rewrites the tax code
to offer hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts to the rich. As my colleague Dylan Matthews wrote, it is
an act of incredible class warfare by the rich against the poor. Imagine the set of questions you would have
had to ask to get a bill like this. Who is sitting back and saying, what American
health care needs is more uninsured people, coverage that doesn’t cover as much, coverage
that is higher deductibles, more power for insurers to charge old people more money than
young people, and finally, hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for the rich. Is that the populism Donald Trump ran on? Is that what any Republican’s seen at polls
even of their own voters? Because I have looked at those polls. And even Republican voters, they actually
want better health care that is more affordable to them and that actually does cover when
they get sick. The result of all this isn’t just 24 million
fewer people with insurance: Of the people that are left with insurance, the pool is
tilted toward younger, healthier people who needed help less, because many of the older,
poorer, sicker people who needed help the most have been driven out of the market. They don’t have insurance they can actually
afford. The example that keeps getting me: A 64-year-old
making $26,500, somebody who very well might have voted for Donald Trump, would see his
premiums rise by 750 percent. And now that 64-year-old gone, no insurance,
but because he’s gone, the pool is a little bit younger, and so the premiums for the young
people left are a little bit cheaper. That is the context that is required to read
Speaker Paul Ryan’s response to the report. He tweeted — and this was the most amazing
part of the whole thing for me — he tweeted: “CBO report confirms it, American Health
Care Act will lower premiums & improve access to quality, affordable care.” Let’s break that down. So according to the Congressional Budget Office,
the lower premiums Ryan is celebrating (those premiums, to be sure, they’re only 10 percent
lower after 10 years, and that’s after they rise initially) — those lower premiums,
the reason you get them, his bill drove older people out of the market, it let insurers
offer plans that covered fewer medical expenses and required more out-of-pocket spending. That is not “lower premiums” as most Americans
understand the term. Getting lower premiums by cutting out the
people who needed help the most? That’s not what health care’s supposed to
do. We have health insurance because people get
sick, because they need it. But it is Ryan’s last five words that demand
the most attention. He says his bill will “improve access to
quality, affordable care.” I am trying to find a way to read this statement
generously. Ryan is not arguing with the CBO score here. This is what I can’t believe. He is not saying the CBO is wrong and more
people will be covered under his bill. He is saying the CBO is right, its analysis
proves his bill will improve access to quality, affordable care. He is saying that a bill that throws 24 million
people off insurance is a bill that improves access to quality, affordable care. Look, I am schooled in health policy wonk
rhetoric. I know what is being said here. I know that “improves access” is some
kind of dodge, ’cause you can have access to affordable health insurance even if you
choose not to buy it — but a bill that makes health insurance too expensive for millions
to afford doesn’t improve access under any definition of the word. A bill that makes the insurance not worth
buying, it doesn’t improve access, it doesn’t improve choice. And look, maybe I’m overthinking this. Maybe Ryan did not know what his bill will
do, and he is now stuck defending it because it’s his bill, and he sees no other choice. Maybe he has become the “This is fine”
dog, cheerfully explaining away the fire raging around him, a fire he himself has set. But this is not fine. It is not decent, it is not compassionate,
and it is not what Republicans promised. It is a betrayal of Donald Trump’s vow to
protect Medicaid from cuts. It’s a betrayal of Donald Trump’s vow
to pass a health care bill that covers everyone with insurance that has lower deductibles
and better coverage. It is a betrayal of Paul Ryan’s promise
to give Americans more choices, because it is only when you can afford insurance that
you really have the choice of which plan to buy. And it is a betrayal of the older, rural voters
who put Republicans in power and who will pay the most for health insurance under this
proposal. It is hard to imagine the electoral reckoning
that would follow the implementation of this law. But that’s the thing about setting a fire. You’re often the one who gets burned.

100 Replies to “The GOP health care plan: The more you need, the less you get”

  1. That's how insurance works. You have higher risks therefore you have higher premiums. Why should those with less risk pay extra when it's the ones with higher risks that causes most of the healthcare costs to begin with. How is that fair? Those that are truly old are covered by medicare anyway.

  2. this is pissing me off what about all the babies and kids that our sick that need medical attchion

  3. THE BEST PART OF THIS BILL Q: Are Members of Congress and their staff bound to the same rules as everyone else?

    A: Members of Congress should live by the same rules as everyone else. Period. We're passing legislation to make a simple technical correction to ensure that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and its amendments apply equally to everyone.

  4. PAUL RYAN IS AN ASS. DON'T TRUST ANYTHING HE SAYS. We should have hospitalization, not health care. You don't need healthcare for every fart crosswise. That is what bankrupted the system. That and drug rehab It needs to support the old and the vets. People who chose a dangerous lifestyle should pay more–like smokers (Like people who engage in dangerous sports have a harder time getting life insurance). And it is insurance. Sorry if you have a preexisting condition: You don't wreck your car and then get insurance. Finally we need to revamp MEDICAL PATENT LAW so that you don't have to pay for a new million dollar machine because someone put a new screw in it.

  5. This is bullshit, what the bill does is it gives extra Federal support to people with existing health issues and stops young healthy people from carrying the burden of paying for the people who spend the most. Its a great plan cause the ill and elderly ARE subsidized not thrown off and no millions of people will be without health care, thats just a lie, people aren't joining health care cause they do not want to pay such high prices for Their Health Care to support all the people that are spending all the collective health care monies on their illnesses when it gives no benefits for the young healthy people. The thing is No One is going to pay high prices for someone elses benefits and that is why Obama care stinks and is dying. Cause thats the truth of Obama care. You pay too much, get NOTHING but your money goes to some else who is spending your money. Its called SOCIALISM and it doesn't work. We're America not the EU. Please move there . America wants to stay America.

  6. If the Hillary supporters were not to suffer under this disastrous GOP health plan, I would wish only the worst for the idiotic plebeian masses that voted for Trump.

  7. process of elimination, He considers the poor and sick as weak and useless. He thinks they bring down the country. so so sad

  8. It is just a natural selection, the Young survives and the old died, the rich stay in power and the poor have to be rich or they die, honestly, I am pretty such America will be great again as it follows the nature. (But may be not for the ones who are poor, weak, and old)

  9. The Republicans are keeping supply side economics (and related fiscal policy) in mind, however the effect of these policies are not believed to be effective by modern economists. So republicans wanted to put health insurance providers in a more profitable situation (at the obvious expense of American citizens) in order to decrease the degree of health insurance monopolization that has occurred in states like Arizona and Tennessee. This bill won't go through the senate but if it happens to, trying to influence supply side economics won't work and republicans will be embarrassed and end of story

  10. Paul Ryan is an Ayn Rand junkie & follower of a sadistic brand of financial eugenics: Survival of the Richest

  11. One of the most cruel policies ever devised. Republicans should hang their heads in shame, but I guess this will just totally screw everyone. Thanks for sharing this film which explains it so well. Lets hope the Senate rejects it all.

  12. Solidarity is the word you think about! Solidarity!

    Everyone is responsible for everyone in the system it's as simple as that!

  13. Elections have consequences. Why are the democrats fighting so hard. The most intelligent thing to do is give it a try. The people voted for this, so try it. If it works then we will have a great health care system. If it fails then they will have their answer and democrats won't have to worry about this issue anymore; that is until the voters are tricked again into voting against their own interests.

  14. Can some informed American tell me why you can't implement a national system like the NHS, which gets rid of the insurance companies. No, I'm not joking, and I'm sure there are reasons, but it's hard to find solid information.

    Yes, the NHS isn't perfect, but the issues it has are those of business; if the budget was better handled and people knew what they were paying for and steps were taken against big pharmaceutical companies, it would be a great system. I believe they have similar systems in the Scandinavian countries, who have undoubtedly the best healthcare and QoL, even if they have to pay for it with higher taxes.

  15. Good to see a video where Trump isn't attacked/blamed. Maybe more Republicans will listen to this.

  16. What are we, the American People, supposed to do when are government begins to fail us? What can we do when our own Government betrays our people. When the Government is inefficient and becomes a threat to how we live our daily lives. In Economics, Environment, Medical, Foreign Affairs, Education, Technology, Criminal and Justice, Infrastructure and Public Management; The American Government is failing, us the people, in every topic. In every way the American Government is failing.

  17. I have Obamacare and pay $1200 a monthly with an $8000 deductible. I have never used it and if I tried I would never be able to get any benefit from it because of the $8000 yearly deductible. SO GETTING RID OF THIS BULLSHIT OBAMACARE IS BEST THING PRESIDENT TRUMP CAN DO.

  18. The saddest thing is… The majority of the people who voted for Trump are the majority of those who will be negatively effected

  19. U.S. will never have a universal health care system, because A.the whole politic system is rely on big money, B, American don't like the idea of socialism. Middle class complain my tax money is paying for this and that, and don't think about they can also be old or sick or poor one day.

  20. The new Health Care Bill expected to pass on or before July 4th. The new health care bill will require mandatory "chip under the skin" for all illegals..😲

  21. trumpcare will be cheaper than obamacare this frightens Democratics because it would prove Trump to be a caring president.

  22. Way to go america, just when obamacare had went trough the rough start up time better switch it to some plan that is completely backwards but then again what do you honestly expect when you vote reality tv personality president 😀

  23. This is a non sequitur. Unlike Obamacare, if Trumpcare passes and you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. You can purchase health insurance on the private market

  24. A good look at the real Republican , they tell you one thing and do another. Run down and vote for them …RUN .. RUN..

  25. I hope it passes, some lessons need to be learned the hard way and frankly this will effect more Trumpers than it will any other group, so go ahead, keep voting with out actually knowing what you are voting for.

  26. i blame hillary and the DNC.

    WE HAD BERNIE who could have won… and the dnc pushed their loser up front.

  27. What we need is private healthcare, which can compete with others for lower prices. You can see it in Europe, when the Government holds a monopoly over healthcare, it has no reason to improve, even more so when it gets no money from better costumers. Keeping it competitive will give healthcare competition, and force prices to go down. The same thing with Universities, which charge high prices through corruption with the Government, it's all crony capitalism.

  28. No it isn't the populism Donald Trump ran on but anybody stupid enough to believe a 10+ billionaire is going to lookout for the little guys or for that matter even the multi-millionaires interests deserve what they get.

  29. What's saddest is that Trumpists won't read about or even look into how terrible it would have been for many who voted for him and for this.

  30. I like these types of videos. Direct, no propaganda, no bias, just straight up facts. You can't deny the numbers and science. Facts have no bias.

  31. The GOP – reworked – health care plan !
    Hopefully the Republicans in Congress will remember to Respect the *Flag* when their The GOP HealthCare plan that they decide on start effecting the Veterans and other poor Americans who may not be able to pay the overpriced HealthCare Plan after they Vote the new Trump Care Plan into existence, who the already rich Insurances force upon them.
    Only this way of Disrespect the Flag, is way more far reaching than a Ball player not standing for the Anthem/Flag….Remember the majority of Congressmen, President Trump and other in Politic and the Rich, did not serve in the Military or the Vietnam War*! That was their way showing their respect to the Flag etc.. But are now gladly giving Tax cuts to the Rich who make up less than .001% of those who voted for them and got them the majority in Congress! Hopefully the Nation will at last wake up and realize the Republicans don’t care about their Voters, only about the Rich who bribe them with money to satisfy their *Lust to live like the Rich!

  32. I almost wish that it went through, maybe all those elderly trump voters would finally get a clue in their heads and stop voting against their own health, welfare, and happiness.

  33. Republicans bleated loudly about the Death Panels that would supposedly arise from the Affordable Care Act's implementation because they knew that THEY would be the Death Panels killing us ALL when they got rid of the ACA. Republicans are nothing but cold hearted bastards.

  34. My best guess for the questions people were asking to get to this bill included one like this: "We want to give tax cuts to the rich; what can we take away to make that happen?" [Edit: fixed grammar error]

  35. Man this channel is so biased. All it does is look from a Democrat's point of view and totally craps on the Republican's arguments. Don't watch their vids if you are looking for unbiased info

  36. This is way too complex for any Trump voter.
    And if it's too complex, they tell you it's a lie.
    Nice going, America! I wish you loads of strength with this one!
    God knows you'll need it and gonna need it badly.

  37. what's weird is it made healthcare more expensive for the old people. I thought politicians only made policies that benefit them personally? They're evil dried up prunes, so you think they'd manipulate healthcare to their advantage.

  38. "Devastating," "cruel," "bad for the poor," "good for the rich." Stop pulling on heartstrings and report the news.

    0:39 "guts medicaid, cuts Obamacare subsidies." So taxpayers pay less for the care of those who don't pay? Sounds good.

    0:43 "makes the elderly pay more than the young." Well, the elderly tend to have many more needs than the young, because they're falling apart. You need more, you should pay more. That's how business and transactions should work.

    0:58 "Lets insurers cover less medical costs of the sick." That's how insurance used to work though. Some insurances were emergency-only, for the young and healthy, and others covered more but had higher costs as a result. You know what that is? CHOICE. The beauty of the free market.

    1:08 "Tax cuts to the rich." You pretend that's bad. But last time there were tax cuts, those evil rich people gave their workers raises and bonuses. Sounds so teeeerrible.

    1:13 "Class warfare of the rich against the poor." The only one inciting that is you, Vox.

    1:51 "Even republican voters want better healthcare that's more affordable." You know what republicans want to do to make that happen? Get government's grimy hands out of healthcare! Give us choice of insurance again, let us pay for the coverage we want, and let us worry about our own health costs rather than those of others.

    The rest is emotional, baseless drivel that wastes our time. This video villainizes people that are taking steps to fix what Obamacare broke, because it's not single payer healthcare, and the US needs to conform to what the rest of the world does or something like that.

  39. Ryan, the ultimate Washington, DC insider, "policy wonk", and most importantly, an acolyte of Ayn Rand, knew full well what his miserable bill would do. And nobody should think any differently.

  40. I thought I was crazy, but Ezra says “the last five words he said” but then 6 words were highlighted 3:31

  41. Why is this surprising? Since the late 90’s the Republicans have done whatever they can to make their base believe ONLY what they say, and it’s been relatively successful given how often Republican voters vote against their best interest and how often you hear their base talk about how tax cuts will for sure lead to increased job numbers and a bettering of the economy despite how many times that exact plan has failed. And Donald Trump? He lied about everything except the terrible stuff from day 1 and no matter how you slice it, he is a narcissistic to the core. He does not care one bit about what his policies do to people, so long as he can get cheers from his brain washed base he will never care.

  42. Wait. Don’t conservatives dislike healthcare because it is so sh*tty due to the fact that the government is using someone else’s money to buy something that they are not going to use?

  43. I love Vox, and watching this incredible video analysis convinced me to join Vox Video Lab on YouTube. I don't even care about the extra perks, $5/month is worth it to support more journalism like this. Ezra Klein and the Vox team create what is truly some of the best content on YouTube. WE NEED MORE JOURNALISM LIKE THIS! Thank you, Vox!!!! <3

  44. I think the Democrats have really got the Republicans cornered on health care. It seems like their strategy now is just to ignore it.

  45. The progressive states need to provide universal health insurance and show the rest of the country that it can be done.

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