The Gripster IndieGoGo Launch – Build Finger Strength

This is Jeremy simulating handboard training, this is Lauryn working wide pinch strength and this is Rances working on his one arm pull ups. What have they got in common? They are all training with The Grispter. Hi, I’m Mike White and I created the Gripster, The Chunkster. and The Globester. The Gripster is a innovative new training tool for building climbing specific strength and combines the functionality of a hangboard with portability and adaptability. As we can see here there are many possibilities for uses of The Grispter It can be used in pairs to simulate a hangboard. Hung from a home pull up bar. Connected to straps to combine finger strength training while also training core strength Connected to cable pulley machines to perform set and reps on measured amounts of weight or even to train monos! Connected to rubber tubing Connected to weights & kettle bells Used in the gym to do really cool stuff like decline flys on your finger tips The Grispter is great for at home because there are so many different ways you can use it, furthermore, because it’s portable you can bring it to the gym where you will find a limitless variety of applications. The Gripster came about due to my obsession with climbing. When I began training I realised that there was room for development in the equipment available for training grip strength. I started to improvise and eventually came up with a new way to efficiently combine everything that a rock climber would need for building finger strength. I’ve been working on this now for 2 years and its been really fun to develop and I can’t wait to go into full scale production. We already have working small scale production units. We are ready to turn the key on mass production. To manufacture The Gripster at an efficient price point we need to raise enough capital for our first order. By backing the project on IndieGoGo you can help us make this happen. If you’re psyched to train for climbing then back the project today, get a gripster and start gripstering! then share then tell them about the project as well. If you’re not able to back us there are are other ways you can help you can start by clicking the like button on the project page use the share via twitter button or share it on facebook tell your friends, post it on your blog or your forum! Thanks for backing the project you’re gonna love your gripster! I reckon every climbing gym should have a set. If yours doesn’t then em why not? And remember, stay psyched and climb hard!

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