The menstrual cycle tracking app that’s pushing female health forward

My vision for clue is to enable everybody to really understand what’s going on in their body so that they can navigate life. Before Clue, I started and ran a motorcycle touring agency with my dad, so we made motorcycle tours all over the world. I’ve always been very curious about my body and been trafficking because hormones didn’t really work for me, I thought well what if I could just use data to really understand my body, then I could navigate life much better. Imagine if there was a part of your life that happens and you had no control over it and you might not even be aware of how much it impacts your life. Clue gives you the tools to do that. We built an app where you can track your menstrual cycle And you can also track different symptoms that occur and get an insight about how it changes and how they change throughout their cycle. And you can use these insights to improve and adjust ways that you experience life in the future. Clue’s vision is to enable women all around the world to have insight into their bodies and to be empowered by that knowledge. The fields of menstrual reproductive health are vastly under researched. Our support team gets hundreds of emails every week about basic health questions of how the body works. What is ovulation? When can I get pregnant? These are things that a basic education in menstrual and reproductive health could I’m interested in building a healthcare brand that’s global and that women all over the world trust. We built a website that should become a one-stop shop for menstrual health information. We’re trying to give people the power that comes with understanding their own bodies. Without menstruation none of us would be here. Before women have full kind of ownership and understanding of what’s going on in their body, we won’t have an equal world.

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  1. I've been a user since 2014 and I reccomend this to all of my friends who have a menstrual cycle. Even when I get a new phone this is the first app I have to have. Thank you clue, you've changed my life.

  2. I’ve been using clue since last year. I recommend this over the Fitbit menstrual part. Before clue my periods were a complete surprise 🤦🏻‍♀️. I almost always forget to log my stuff. Fit bit is usually weeks off my actual period. Clue gets pretty close.

  3. Hello Clue, can I get your contact? I just can't make it to Clue Premium. I need to see my forecast. I've been user since 2016. I don't know why my account can't paying the app and make it premium.

  4. I wish there were more options on the clue app.? You don't have on there .
    Calf muscles feel tight
    Gassy or cramping together
    Are the periods close together or apart of days.

  5. My periods seem to close together but like a couple of days then it feels like its starting up again.? Hormones imbalance or balanced.?

  6. I just started my period on the 21st and the clue app said my last day of my period was on the 24th but it's the 25th and I'm still bleeding. Does anyone have any information on why this is happening

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