The Non Profit That’s Tackling One Of Haiti’s Biggest Problems: Healthcare

It’s just before 7:30 am in Les Cayes
where Hope for Haiti’s health clinic is located. The non-profit works to improve the lives of Haitians through various programs and initiatives. We traveled to Les Cayes to find out how it’s tackling one of Haiti’s biggest problems: Healthcare. Evanie and Claudine are public health nurses at the clinic, which provides
anything from consultations, dental care, blood work, and even wound care. We were told people travel as long as three hours and will wait all day just to receive treatment at the clinic. Patients who come to the clinic only have to pay a consultation fee of 100 gourdes. That’s less than two US dollars. Public hospitals, on the other hand, charge 1,000 gourdes Gords just to be seen by a doctor. It’s also how patients are treated here that’s making a positive impact. The staff also go beyond the clinic to
bring medication, treatment, and knowledge to communities in southern Haiti. Getting to these remote areas is no easy task for them either. Today, they’re traveling to Morency, a typical rural village in southern Haiti
that’s nearly an hour boat ride away. They set up a mobile
clinic there once a month and spend the day recording children’s height and
weight and distributing Nutrilite, a nutrient-dense powder that helps prevent
malnutrition, something that affects one in five children in Haiti. Without Hope for Haiti making the trek to places like these, the people here simply wouldn’t
receive any care. for Evanie and Claudine, being able to bring care to these communities is the best part of their job.

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