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  1. Women if the man is married or getting a divorce, wait until the divorce is final. You will never be happy pleasing someone husband, while you go home alone. This goes for men too, if a woman is married or getting a divorce wait until its final. You don’t want that karma on you. Think before you get involved, because it can happen to you. 🧐

  2. Wrong for a man to walk out lie and cheat, especially with children involved. Makes me sick other women are willing to do this to another woman, especially with children involved. I won’t be friends with women that knowingly date married men. If they are willing to help someone lie and cheat what kind of friend could they really be. Wow, if she didn’t know it wouldn’t hurt her! The audacity of these people!!!

  3. Please do a program on father's having affairs with daughters.
    Initially it could be father raping the daughter but with the time daughter gets used to it..
    Because poor mother tends to keep the secret within family for many security reasons..

  4. That British chick is Sarah Symonds . She used to have a show on tv called "The Mistress. I knew I recognized her from somewhere.

  5. Wow this woman Sarah made a career out of being a mistress, she always appears on shows about infidelity making excuses for the whores.

  6. That tramp left her kids to soccer practise and went to see her man. So she put this man above her own kids who likely wanted her watching them at soccer.

  7. I am in a relationship with a married man I feel that it is exciting that he asks me to spend time with him and he woos me with gifts and says he enjoys my company more than his wife that is a internal medicine doctor. He works hard and has a lot to show for it he is smooth and knows what I like to hear. He is 13yrs older than I he claims to be a Christian man with important morals and values. But I don’t like tiptoeing around his wife and daughter. He says he’s in his marriage just until his 15 yr old daughter is grown. It makes me feel good that he finds me attractive and wants to have sexual encounters with me. I feel for his wife but I am kind of blinded by his charm. I feel bad but don’t know how to emotionally get out of this relationship.

  8. "Knock the cockpit right out of him"….seems she's the one cocky beyond measure and guess what, the moment he "get out of line again", she'll cheat again.

  9. Cheating in a marriage or a relationship they're both as bad cheating is morally wrong and it should legally criminalized!!!! Especially if its a woman who "knows" he's in a relationship and keeps her nasty games on him!!! Thats why ASK him if he's in a relationship if you have any morals

  10. One of the best lines is I feel like I'm myself when I'm with you,that was told to me by a lady,how ever I didn't feel the same my self ahh

  11. I’d be interested to Know what Michelle is up to these days… probably looking like she’s 80 and still waiting around for a Man to Value her

  12. So many married men hit on me. At first I think they are single. Then they start talking bad about their wives. I hate it.

  13. That letter the lady in the green jacket should be writing that to her husband it started with him. She has no commitment to you!

  14. I love that Oprah called her out on the BS letter that she wrote to the other woman. She did not ruin your marriage, your husband did when he willingly stepped out on you and your children.

  15. White lady with a short haircut you need to break that ungodly soul tie in Jesus name. Fornication and adultery is just not worth being in spirit form for all of eternity stuck in the center of this Earth. Actually no sin is worth it. If you had a great selfesteem you wouldn't be in a side chick situation.
    At the end of the day hes not taking care of you when you grow old. He's not wiping your behind when you cannot. Or paying your nursing home! Think about that…who are you going to grow old with? A man who has to divide himself and his time and his finances 3 ways?
    Or a man who is your other half designed and created to love protect and provide for you alone?
    I'll wait.

  16. Michelle has a low self esteem, she is a narcissist, and ugly ! He will cheat on her too! And she will get everything she deserves. She has no compassion or empathy.

  17. Michelle’s attitude is one of indigence… She acts as if she isn’t really bothered that he married someone else after already being involved with her, when it clearly does.

    She is the one who disturbs me the most, as she doesn’t seem affected that their actions are affecting an innocent person. Growing up and watching women close to me be cheated on, this infuriates me at the cheater and the mistresses even more!!! Yuck 🤢

  18. They will not always invest in women like themselves and if they do leave the way and marrying you.You then become twice the woman your were before .The other woman because he cheats on you to as well.

  19. I'm going through this now and I'm the wife being cheated on,I would not have an issue with this woman but she acts of its a game and has become disrespectful.My husband really thinks I should be ok with because it's my fault he even cheated.Im just so done this hurts and the fact that people think this is ok sucks

  20. I've been married and divorced. Bring married can be fun and a growing experience. Throughout the years things change and so do we. I prefer being single and living my life as I please, however I please. To each their own.#doingme

  21. That letter she wrote to the other woman should have been written to her husband. He betrayed their marriage, he hurt his children, he betrayed them. The other women who knew is wrong but if it wasn’t her it would have been another woman.

  22. If they cheat on her they’ll cheat on you. Try putting yourself in the wife’s shoes. There is no excuse for having an affair with a married man. You are a hoe if you have an affair with a married man and you know he’s married.


  24. My now Ex husband cheated for two years. I found out the second year. I felt it in my gut. Plus he was working very late and buying new clothes and going outside to talk on his phone. I looked into his phone one night and saw all the messages. The presents he bought her . Just everything. I confronted him and he lied. Said she is a friend. I never believed it. I was heartbroken. We were having trouble before. We have been together 30 years. I am chronically ill. I think he got tired of it. We have a son who was 20 at the time. Xmas eve he came home so late . I knew I was done. Threw him out after New Year’s Day. He had no trouble leaving. It’s been 5 years. Now we found out he has been lying to his son all this time. He told him he lived an hour away from him. And he loved having his freedom. Wouldn’t give him his address. Kept canceling plans. My son is 25 now and found out his dad was living with the girl he cheated with since the day he left and lived twenty minutes away from us. In a new house. With cats who he always hated. My son confronted his dad with proof. Why are you lying to me for 5 years? His dad said none of your business and f*k off. Saw his dad once this summer for ten minutes. This girl husband died in 2012 and she was seeing my husband in 2012. I don’t know where she thinks his son is. Sure he blames me. Sure she doesn’t know he has hid her all this time. I am better off. Took along time to realize it. But as a mom no matter how old your kid is you feel anger and hurt when you see your son being lied to by his father. You see his anger and hurt. His father won’t be seeing his son anymore. My son needs time he said. These men and women who do this really hurts people and destroy families. I blame the men more cause they lie . But the woman should get out. It has taken all my power to not call my ex husband girlfriend. But what’s the point? She will never believe me.

  25. Short blonde hair on Oprah's right…..Girl please… are acting HELLA defensive! WHY go on national TV in front of millions admitting you are a home wrecker and then get all up in your feelings about getting called out for the truth?!? How these filthy women can look at themselves in the mirror…….smdh

  26. I had a boyfriend that ask me what I would do if another woman hit on him. I told him I wouldn't do anything. Because if he wanted to he would and could put a stop to it himself.

  27. The pastor married to the pregnant wife: "my dear congregation. According to our holly book, I've sinned and need to be stoned to death. Please, go and pick up your rocks. …. to the lady in the back seat, come over here, you're in this too".

  28. Request to Oprah Winfrey, please raise your voice for Kashmiri muslims as they are brutally murdered and tortured by Indian PM Moody and his terrorist organization RRS.
    Its been almost two months that Curfew imposed on these innocent Kashmiris, young boys are taken away, where nobody knows, young girls abducted and raped. No medicine, no food supplies, no complications network in the area.
    Please help them and raise your voice. May Allah help you.

  29. To the lady in green, if it were not the specific woman he cheated with it would have just been a different woman. He is a cheater. Sending prayers to you and your children. You are a beautiful woman you can do much better!

  30. I met a married man 22 years ago, I was also married at the time (my marriage was failing I had asked for a divorce 2 years prior, constantly) The chemistry was so strong between us (it was love at first sight for the both of us)…within 2 months we both left our spouses and filed for divorce. 22 years later we are still together and happily married… I truly believe God lead us to each other…

  31. Husbands are responsible. Wives are responsible. The other woman is responsible. It is easier to play the victim but you are not a victim.

  32. They are lonely and wanting excitement, attention, and the financial benefits they get from influential married men.

  33. The worst part in life is break down someone husband/wife For sure God will punish who break down others family..Break down someone family relationship is not jokes. The darkest & painful moment in life is break down someone family. Most of the Westerners not feel any guilty to break down others family relationship..

  34. Lovvvvved Gail talking to Dean at the end! :)) The Pure Happiness of LOVE on his Face lol! :)) DOUBLE RAINBOW! 🌈🌈

  35. Really disturbing how the audience laughs and applauds when the woman talks about trying to knock the guys front tooth out. I doubt they'd be cheering if the situation was reversed.

  36. Men are cheaters. It’s so easy for them to be with more than one woman. I don’t think they get emotionally attached like we women do. A male friend told me once, “women fall in love. Men just need a place to stick it.” And I think that pretty much sums it up.

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