The Politics of Women’s Health

Hi my name is Elizabeth Reis and in the
fall I’m teaching a class called the Politics of Women’s Health. In this class, it’s, we’re going to look at the politics of women’s health, it’s not a health
class per se so we won’t be looking at the mechanics of reproduction or how
cancer metastasizes in the body Instead we’re going to be looking at how these the various topics that we’re going to explore how they’ve been taken up or
ignored in the public sphere So we cover a lot in this class. The topics include
sexuality, prenatal care, birthing options for women, the so-called epidemic of
obesity, reproductive health, cancers. And when we talk about this issue we’re
going to delve into what’s been called pink washing Which probably anybody who
has seen advertisements or been on a Breast Cancer Walk can see how it’s pink
pink everywhere and we we look at the ironies of that because some of the companies that promote the breast cancer walks are the very same companies who
are polluting the environment that in fact may be causing breast cancer and other cancers as well Also we’ll cover issues having to do with disability and chronic pain, menstruation and menopause, abortion, birth control, the HPV vaccine,
mental health, and environmental toxins and the relationship between toxins and
health. So if you’re interested in women’s health, in public health, in health justice this might be the class for you

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