The Premature Ejaculation Coach (ft. @AnthonyPadilla) – Mini-Mocks

– Men, if you’re hitting
eject before you connect, that’s where I come in. I’m Ron Chance, and
I teach breath work for premature ejaculators. Caused by stress,
shame, or spinal injury, premature ejaculation
has affected 100% of men at some
point in their lives. Collective edging is a
crucial part of the regimen. It’s one thing to
hold out on your own, but to look over and
see your brothers holding out next to you, that is a completely
transcendent experience. – Hi, my name is Cody, and
I’m a premature ejaculator. – [Group] Hi, Cody. – I personally have sex
with a fully-engorged penis for multiple half-hours at
a time, and you can too, with these simple breathing
and body control techniques. Suck the air in
through your sphincter. Now, how many of you have
ever touched your anus? Step one, constrict. Step two, tighten the anus. Men, we can do Kegels too. Step three, breathe out
through your urethra. Excellent. And if all else
fails, don’t worry. Just pump the brakes and
conjure images of roadkill. Good, now squeeze
your root chakra. (participant farting) Excellent. – I think I had an accident. – Thank you for your bravery. Everything must come! I release you! (group sighing) – Releasing’s not the problem. – In this practice, there is both a physical
strength training, as well as a mental
resistance training. Good, up, down, up. – Come on, Tim, make an effort. – Start peeing. (urine splashing) Then stop. That is your PC muscle. And when you get good enough, (urine splashing erratically) you can just keep going. Look.
(urine splashing erratically) All right, class, notice,
if you look closely. (urine splashing) Oh! In order to graduate
at the end of the week, each student must
demonstrate their mastery of masturbation in
front of their master. Yes, it’s hard work, and
the failure rate is high, but ultimately it’s not about the time you lie in connection. It’s about the quality
of the connection. Today I would like to honor Dan
for the biggest improvement. I dub thee, Sir 34 Seconds. Round of applause.
(group applauding) I can assure you, after
a seminar with me, it’ll take a long time before
you even want to come again. Thank you so much for watching
(upbeat music) that oddly weird piece of smut. My name’s Anthony Padilla. I’ll be here all week, and
I have a ton of other stuff that we made right over here, so make sure to
click all that shit. It’s just as good. Actually, I can promise
you it’s even better. And make sure you subscribe, please, for the love of God.

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