The Reactor in Forex strategy course – Portfolio trading with 12 Expert Advisors

Hello, dear traders, I continue with the Reactor for this video. It’s really a time saving tool because with the Reactor we go through all of the processes that we did already in this course, from the Generator to the collection to the strategy optimizer, Monte Carlo, Multi Market test. So, actually the Reactor goes through all of the process and end up with strategies that only pass through these tests. So, I will show you very quickly what I mean, when you’re on the Reactor you can select your historical data you will select your symbol and the period time frame as we do with the Generator. And then I will go to Expert properties where are the entry lots and the exit lots. So, let’s here choose 0.1 minimum pips for the Stop Loss and the Take Profit. I will go here with 10 and 50. And then for the Take Profit I will go from 50 to 100 pips. Generators settings, what we have is the working minutes, so I will do it for 500, as I always like to do it before I go to sleep. So, it will work approximately a little bit more than 8 hours. Net balance is all right, In sample is all right. So, you see this tick here, the strategy fulfills the acceptance criteria, it is very important as well. And I will use Minimum counts of trades I’d like to have a minimum of 300 counts of trades. And then when I go back to the Reactor I will continue with the optimization. So, here you can choose whether to use or not to use the optimization- I’d like to use it. Then you choose the steps that you would like to do- the Search best, Net balance is all right and then you have again here for the optimization, another acceptance criteria, I will stay with the same here. After that is All data validation- Use all data validation. Here we have again acceptance criteria- All data validation is useful when the Generator or the Optimizer use OOS. I’m not a big fan of OOS, that’s why I don’t even make a video about it. I will explain with a few sentences why. It’s because when we are creating a strategy, basically we decide at the end whether to use this strategy or not to use. And if you use this, what happens normally is you will see a profit line. You will see the results till the moment you chose to make the test. And then is the other period where the strategy is running without being optimized. And then again we decide whether to use it or not to use it. So, if it’s losing, we don’t use it. If it’s winning, we use it. But then if it’s winning, it doesn’t mean actually that this strategy is hundred percent profitable or not. It means that the strategy is not over optimized for this period. It goes well after that, but we don’t have the guarantee that after we place it on Meta Trader 4 it will start making money. So, that’s why I am not really a fan of this and am not using it. The Monte Carlo validation as you know already. I use it to test whether the strategy is over optimized or not over optimized. This tool uses a copy of the Monte Carlo setting. So, if you click here, this is again as you are on the Monte Carlo and I’d stay with the same variations that I would like for the strategy and for the simulations. Execution problems I don’t have any execution problems so far using the Pepperstone, so I will not use them and if I go back here actually on the Monte Carlo validation, 20 tests is all right. Validation tests on profit 80% . From here you can choose how many percent you want the test to be on profit- 80 as it comes to by default is all right. The Multi Market validation is about the market. How many of the markets you want to be profit, markets on profit-4. So, you have the one where is your strategy, and then another four to be tested. So, if you choose 4, then it means on all markets it should be winning. I will add here also another. This is the Cable-and I will add also a USDJPY. So, if I move a little bit down you will see that I have totally 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 One is the main one actually where the Reactor will work on. So, we have 6 more, and then I will choose here 5. So, I would like the strategy to be useful on 5 markets out of the 6, and it will be profitable of course on the one that the Reactor is working. And as I’ve said before, I use the Multi Market in order to have at the end only strategies that I can actually use on the other markets and by optimizing I can fine tune them and use them. So, now I will click Start, and what happens here on the right side, you can see the Generated strategies. How many passed validation- one passed validation at the moment, and this one strategy goes to the Optimizer tool. If it passes optimization then it will go to the Monte Carlo. If it passes the simulations there it will go to the market validation. And this, guys, all happens automatically which is really, really nice. In the morning I will see strategies that passed all of these tools and I really don’t have to do so much work after that, I can really just place them on the Meta Trader and test them. This is the great tool of the Reactor. All happens automatically. And I really like this tool from Expert Advisor Studio, because it saves so much time to everyone. I will let this run during the night and tomorrow morning I will see how many strategies I have from the Reactor. Thank you, guys, for watching. Bye.

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