The SECRET to Calisthenics STRENGTH (5 RULES)

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  1. Very nice, but I have a right shoulder injury that never quite healed 100%. I would probably re injure it trying to do any of this. Sucks when you can only watch others.

  2. Little question, I do circuit training but I swap muscle. For example row .. chest press .. and a small exercise like rotator cuff ex.. I think my lats and biceps are ready again for the row when I end these 3 .. or doesn't it work like that .. I do this due time management.. do I really miss a lot of strengthening if I mix the muscles right? Thanks for your time

  3. Hi this is my zip code 20902 can some one direct me where to training calixtenis whit all nice metals equipments please? Thanks to text me at 2023902569.

  4. 0:41 the right option would be to train for planche push ups – achieve a straddle planche push up and you will be able to do one arm push ups without working on them specifically – achieve a one arm push up and you wont be able to do a straddle planche push up however.

  5. I don’t believe in 3-5 minutes with low rep scheme for strength I been doing it for like 1 year and I’m still on tuck planche

  6. Thanks, Alex. You have the best presentation and narration. Your effort and hard work is quite clear. Thanks for a such a great piece of information. Well done. BTW what are those blue shoes.

  7. What about achieving strenght and hypertrophy at the same time? Is It good to do one week of strenght training and one week of hypertrophy training?

  8. Not arguing against this video but if you know who chris heria, his training is all circuit and somehow hes able to full planch

  9. Wow i wish i could go training with this great guy on his awesome playground, it surely will make me enjoying a healthy lifestyle while gains muscle and strength and get rid off all the negativity on me body. Thumbs up dude.

  10. The big questions: How many pairs of blue shorts do you have Alex? (Please for god’s sake be more than just that one!…. or maybe those are your magic power shorts, like Spider-Man’s uniform?). Would you ever consider a new color….red, green, black? I want to know if the shorts are the key to your powers or not…or perhaps Suggestion 6: wear blue shorts? 😂😂😂

  11. I am trying to do tuck planche for the last 2 months but still can't do it.
    What can i do to make this possible ?????

  12. Hi Bro, nice. I need to get this into my training-program. I train kickboxing and boxing three days a week. Cardio one day a week like one hour. But i need to build power and muscles all around body and equivalent. I notice this is not going well! Appreciation for the golden tip💪🏼👍🏽

  13. 1. Elija la progresión correcta que sea adecuada para su objetivo y la palanca de fuerza en la que se encuentre.

    2. Tomar más tiempo de descanso 3 -5 minutos.

    3. Elija el plan de entrenamiento a sus objetivos.

    4. Tenga un buen horario. No haga entrenamiento en circuito si desea desarrollar habilidades específicas, en lugar de centrarse en las repeticiones y series.

    5. Ser consistente, seguir adelante todas las metas.

  14. How can we achieve the back& front flip in short time.
    Please explain in detail.
    Like diet, warm-up , exercises etc..

  15. Love your videos! Just curious, where did you guys film this? That calisthenics playground is amazing!

  16. I train so much for planche😢 every 3rd day more than 1 hour
    I started before 6 months
    Couldnt even do tuck planche. Now can do 20sec tucked but no advanced tucked
    Some people get it in 6 months and im still at tucked even i trainso much for it
    Im never going to give up but so slow progress is just frustrating

  17. Love this video – it’s exactly what I needed. I’m being too varied in my workouts. Also jealous of your park, lol. The UK just don’t have them around! It’s good I’ve bought some parallel bars and a chin-up bar. New sub here. 👍🙌👏👏

  18. How many reps in 1 set should be? If we have training with 20 stets and 4 min rest in between, our training will last ~2hrs..

  19. thanks m8, i was needing someone to tell me this rules.. i hope i progress a bit faster and better with this advises

  20. like the way he stops and reason with his decision on which bars to use, lol rediculous, nice on again as usual though

  21. Guys i want to buy a bundle from calisthenics its good or no ? Did it have progression or no? Plus relpy me 🌹🥰🥰😘🥰🙏🏻

  22. Can I do something like 5 sets of a movement ,for strength , and then do a circuit to end the workout? I really like to do circuits XD

  23. 1. Rule: choose the right progression (do exercises according to your progression level)
    2. Rule: choose long rest times between sets (3-5 min on hard exercises)
    3. Rule: focus on goals (right exercise selection)
    4. Rule: correct workout schedule (reps and sets; avoid circuit training)
    5. Rule: be consistent with your skill training (don't lose focus on main goal)

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