The Squat | Rip Coaching – Starting Strength Method

in okay bob good good so you can just a little bit that’s about right what normal neck position day 3 good get drag drag your butt real hard exact
good be one more like their for me know what
you did want you to feel a bit that was exactly right good rack that hip drive us all together excellent excellent come to the bar comes on top good good elbows up rat there’s work goes not to blow
excellent position stand up step back it goes up good okay Chester high as you can get suggest that comes
out of this upper back okay eyeballs down there great big giant breath and hold good I’ve your hips keep your belly tight squeeze your area green or last one good racket nice drive same group ever attack go elbows up chest up good go now they delight your knees
track forward okay your back position ought to be
established about one third of the way there by that
point everything ought to be your knee
position although the word is was gonna be for the rest is what your back
dialogue there well so knees pointed out both pointed
out to more good me zell and former and squat just
like that and drag your butt why that looks real
good to grab your hips about %uh the bottom
good for lecture in each day planted out
there and so you can effectively use your what we
want to do this workout quatds as long as you’re drive in your
hips flash on top good exactly like good and a Chester with the chest the church and down raise that a like
this effort to Chi and Alex same time reach
up from my hand with your with your chest with chandelle there’s the position
you’ve got a whole okay big giant breath but that breath
reinforce that chess positions what balter down there look at the floor look at the floor dull raise yes raise the essence there look at the floor knees out drive hips one more don’t lift the chest Bernard drive
that’s much better okay you’re having a Tennessee to change the the back angle on the way
up plane she s stays in position ok I it didn’t change position you don’t lead put the chips lead up with the hips
chest days at the position here excellent elbows good don’t have a vertical back okay look
bail chandelle reach out with your knees
reach back with your yeps use the hips this is not a front squat
that was exactly right don’t relax at Lombard to Bob keep track not quite so the better we don’t want to go below parallel at
the expense love lower the bar at the expense of
lumbar tact okay it down I want you to cut this
off cut it off see that still below curls what you again your back
state nice intact it to much better much better do one more nail
that down good racket bill still rolled bar back up on top traps
good okay good position here elbows up big breasts good really think about your needs Sheva out yet or onslaught Tennessee relax at the bottom
you come into the Bob at that thing up okay that last little
bit a travel needs to be really under tight control okay same group I’m on top excellent not get nice and try right here okay now this time I want that she s to maintain your back angle back
angle has to stay the same your vacay those going to be established about 1/3
the way down and then it stays the same all the way
down all the way a get drive is not at the
expanse obtaining your test go okay so take a
big breath support your back squad good you know you’re still do it you may have
to think about brazen chips which is not normally what I want
you to think about but at this point we ought to be
maintained in man that was pretty good at this point
we will be maintaining your back angle by thinking about the
Q’s really is opposite a lot of times what we wanted it what
that was good because you’re back angle maintained in that position here do one more but don’t lead up with cheer yet rack sometimes an exaggerated here pass to be corrected with an
exaggerated direction normally I would not want
anybody thinking about raising shit because it pulls the need for years particular situation if you’re
habitual tendency is to leave your back angle more more solid you need because it
again we may have to think about raise in the chest in order to cancel
that affect out and when he in fact what you did at your
gate drive produced a constant back a lot at the
bottom as well as well yes so in that particular into that at work okay now remember it’s not a front squat
alright don’t believe with the S hip yeah rector ready big breath look
down look down will help that’s it lower the
Chan excellent job to squeeze this make it I don’t let your
lumbar relax at the bottom that’s better maybe you need to not quite go tho be
your way below paralleling I like that better rat there’s word
needs to be good squat down an eighth Chester real strong take it out on both feet good elbows up good just that with the chest chant down Chester there’s the position good big breath eyeball down what drag
your butt is it a drag but not know pull your knees back to get it but driven okay knees are kinda flopping back said I’m
forward and its Italian sector needs forward sit
down that drive you back black bear that’s
exactly the way it on a fee again sector need forward that drive okay it’s good position okay now we’ve got a lil twist in the bar a
safe weekend fix their today everything needs to be
lined up your foot on this side to look forward to that may
have something to do with back get back toward me now that’s even okay now wide your whole stance just time he
will bid okay now stay here but Bell big breath swat that’s a little
straighter 3 or driving your hips good today bob dole was up good now lift the chest put the Chan now just that Chan down that’s a good
bat see that pulls you back into the correct position right big giant Brea with them one good yeah you have to have your chin again quite a
bit that’s a more normal net or in the last one good right looks nice my right it drive is working well times on top this like that last by type back okay was up that back great watch those knee let them come forward
in and sit down forward and out for Cheetos back at a
little bit there you go goes out drive hipster good one over get your breath break the grip here support 3 Apple right down there for last one good good racket lift here not here day Jan down Chester eyeballs look at the
floor looks pretty good look down Bernard looking down to make you use your hips look right there dry that’s it that’s exactly right much better and last one reach back drive hipster just exactly like that good good hi everything up good good on your back go excellent or higher but I’m also this they love
tired we’re still three inches below right
there’s plenty much better low back that’s a good low
back now and last war good excellent last year very nice set okay way the six this right now see border line up on top position get that
thing fixed down in which both be this has got to stay there okay lift
the Chester they have it jams it back down keep your
chest up in chandelle okay you could do that it Guinea back it doesn’t have to be vertical you to do
that raise it up again that’s words gotta stay him down Chester
like there is a tennis ball under your Chan between your sternum and your chance but
you’re gonna raise up and hope that’s the position right there with the chest low the
chance what it still a high bar back what knees out ben dover reach back reach back driving the hips driving the hips black that Axela 3 drive your but a for lean over reach back that’s the move racket there you go right there but it was a trap the bar good excellent with the
chest chanda chin down good big breath he’s good or last okay got a picture back angle that there has
got to be anchored I the will to wider stance that’s about right okay looks curry good that is the best one so
far that looks just exactly right good good
keep it there I bowls drought that is the best set so far exactly right back now back angle is
fixed elbows up tighten all a bit arts the
back this ought to be like a little squat
stand-up that back a fight that relax Asian got your low back but neither you won’t
be able to carry it out have the rare just exactly like Google
squad okay eyeball but then big breath don’t pull back at uni get in the ring there’s the position at all to feel strong me up run good bracket nice it good okay heath bar to reject big breath good lead with those hips just exactly right
lead with you 3 or good iraq looks good looks good yet close-up tiny little bit more and ballot
you tighten your bottom up tighten up the
bottom in the movement help relax down big break good I want you to think about on these last
30 what you think about cutting it off a little bit so that you’ll intentionally I everything up but much better good sometimes the antidote for a loose
bottom is the tighten it up and cut it off a
little way you have to tighten up a little
before you get to the bottom and said if I okay elbows up a wider stay on your heels fairly just that pinky toe up inside your shoes squat keep your heels now one on the heels where your eyes there we go %uh there you go the good last one the rack much better now class war stay in your knee just like you have
been doing stand up knees not wait so long to get your need
for Katie right right at the top there you
go that’s a nice quiet up very up hi hi down into very nice that if I up at now right now good at low back excellent me very nice job good okay leaving your get yep right and good last walk axle good wider look now there good not pull your knees back on these last
three they under the bar a little better that was better that was better good
steak hi hi Patni fairway girl good good much better
that pic could see it let’s get it excellent job tax on and that your low back a little bit heat
that lumbar by there we go and last one squeeze squeeze tie nice area the let’s get it okay make all five reps back into your hips read look down down reach back drive up good job classic grad reach back drive up last one up nice good okay now it’s getting button-down now Aaron I
bowled Aaron eyeball good makes a big difference three that is flat good up good hi fixed rate as we can day big giant breeds you good real nice just exactly what it’ll look
like last good good good okay garment hi at the bottom hi at the
bottom elbows up good you not black the bottom hard enough to get loose to
have to do it okay height tie good one excellent much better to much better 3 the last two last one real
tight squeeze everything tied at the bottom much better said fix that all excellent excellent

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