The Squat | Under the Bar – Starting Strength Method

same thing we just got through doing
except now there’s a bar okay so take your grip nice and tight thumbs on top at the bar this allows you
to keep your wrist straight and keep the weight of your wrist and
elbow all over it on your back okay going to the bar the barcy its right below that bone just exactly like their and this is what
keeps the bar in position elbows up good when you take your elbows and shove
them up you form a little shelf the post the rear deltoid here will
contract and it will make a little place that traps the bar
between that bone in this muscle belly right back your
stand-up and step back good take the same stance that you just
pay it looks pretty good who’s out about like
that okay everything’s the same the only
thing different is Mees go out without your elbows pushing
them out so you have to think about that okay you
have to make your knees track out: in that straight line over your toes
that you did earlier into we’re not gonna stop okay so look at the floor like a great big
breath and swap don’t lift your chest drive up your hips that’s the movement
right there again yep drive is what you’re concentrating
on at sid rack excellent okay take a big breath and squat good again to 3 stop just a sec you have a tendency to
be a little bit overextended so heightened good heighten your good
again two more looks better I want you to keep
your back hi right there like this squish it all
together big breath last one okay good rack don’t stop at the bar good three yet just exactly like that annual bit deeper bit deeper than that to good squad 3 remember in the hip
drive not the chest here drive bracket thank your great big giant breast squat good exactly right to little more knees
forward in their we want a nice that’s the position 3
nice balance position at the bottom for now there’s a little paws at the bottom
just bounce that’s the way it all look be one more
last ballots out of the whole eyeballs on the ground great big breath and hold just exactly right good to 3 elbows a keep everything tight under the bar. our last one five okay you are going to try to lead with your
chest this is not a front squat okay lead with this don’t raise the S raise their big breath drive your asset that was much better again drive your
butt that’s the movement good lead with your
butt driver to foreign last one drive hips good racket

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