The Starting Strength Method: A Video Introduction

It’s just a bar. It’s just a piece
of machined steel It can’t check your heart rate or tell
you how many calories you’ve burned. There’s no headphone jack or magazine holder and it won’t charge your phone. It’s just a bar. But, if you know how to use it, it can change your life I’m Paul Horn and I’m a Starting Strength Coach. I’m Paul Horn. I’m the owner and head
coach here at Horn Strength and Conditioning in Los Angeles. we help people of all ages and athletic
capabilities build stronger, more useful bodies
through basic barbell training. We’re the first Starting Strength Gym on the west
coast and that’s something we’re really proud
of. Starting Strength is the most effective method in existence to develop strength using
basic barbell exercises. Strength is the most important physical
adaptation that we can acquire because it influences all the others. Just
by training for strength we can dramatically improve things like speed, power, endurance, balance, and
coordination. It’s strength that’s the foundation for
athletic performance and really the key to our long-term health. The Starting Strength Method is detailed
in the textbook, Starting Strength Basic Barbell Training, which is now in its third
edition the book sold over 250,000 copies
worldwide it’s been translated into several
different languages and it’s been near the top of Amazon’s
top 100 list There’s no other book that even comes
close to the depth and clarity in the instruction,
explanation, and analysis found in Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training I think the impact that Starting Strength
is having on the fitness industry as a whole is just now starting to be seen. People are becoming interested in strength as a primary goal. It’s not really about having great abs anymore. I mean that’s fine, but we’re becoming
concerned with what you can actually do. And how has all this time you’re
spending in the gym made you more useful person and Starting Strength is really leading
that charge. It’s showing people that progress not randomness is what matters. that workouts need to be part of an intelligent program that can produce increases in strength
over a long period of time So after I personally experienced the
results in the Starting Strength program I decided to attend the Starting Strength Seminar to learn as much as I could about the method, to be evaluated on my own lifts, and to
become a better coach The seminar is an incredibly intense and
immersive exposure to the Starting Strength Method. It’s three days and over twenty seven
hours of lecture and practical under-the-bar experience. The lecture portion features an in-depth examination of the physiology, biomechanics and the theory of strength training at a level of
detail that is unlike any seminar I’ve ever been to. Then they give you a very straightforward teaching progression that allows you to perform or coach
a lifter to a near perfect execution of the exercise
in a very short amount of time. As a coach this teaching method has been invaluable because it allows me to get my clients up and running very
quickly with proficient and safe technique. Anyone can attend the seminar. You don’t have to be a coach. In fact, a lot of participants just wanna learn more about strength
training and have their own lifting evaluated but for those that want to be certified
Starting Strength Coaches it’s a tough process since 2010 the Starting Strength Coach is
the only credential that’s been based on the individual’s
actual performance as a coach with coaching ability evaluated as the
first step in the process It’s by far the most rigorous
certification in the industry most people don’t pass. Maybe one or two every seminar. But it means if you find a Starting Strength Coach, you’re in good hands and if you are Starting Strength Coach,
there’s an increasing demand for your services People recognize the quality of this
information. They want to learn this stuff and they want someone who knows it cold
to guide them through the process My favorite part about being a Starting Strength Coach is that I get to spend my days helping people get stronger and drastically improve the quality of their life. I’m making a real difference in people’s
lives and it’s incredibly rewarding. if someone’s interested in attending a
Starting Strength Seminar, I’d say do it. Read the book, do the program, learn what’s possible and then go to the seminar and become a coach so you can help other people get stronger

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