So, here is the picture. I warn you before I describe it, that it will
put you on the spot where your qualifications as a leader will be shown up for precisely
what they are. But, I will also be on the spot, for I selected
you, out of all the men I know, as the man most capable of taking the Philosophy of American
Achievement to the people. First: By the time you will have absorbed
all the knowledge I shall pass on to you in connection with the philosophy of success
which I have gathered from experience, you will be in possession of the greater portion
of my riches. Add to this the value of the riches you will
acquire from other successful men with whom I will arrange for their collaboration with
you in the organization of the philosophy, and you will be in possession of the greater
portion of the real riches represented by the American system. The sum total of these riches will be too
fabulous for estimation, because they will be of such a nature that they may add to the
riches of all the people of the United States, to say nothing of the people of other nations. Second: You will have demonstrated the soundness
of the principle of Going the Extra Mile by forcing the world to recognize you as the
organizer of the first practical philosophy of individual achievement, an honor which
is unusual, for no one before you has ever attempted to provide the people with such
a philosophy, although the need for it has always existed. Third: The time will come when the unity of
purpose of the American people will be disturbed because of the infiltration of foreign-born
ideas which do not harmonize with the American way of life, and the people will be prepared,
through causes beyond your control, for a dependable philosophy through which harmony
may be restored. At this point the Wheel of Fortune will turn
up your number, and your big opportunity will have come. You will not have to induce people to accept
the philosophy. They will do that voluntarily! I can see this opportunity already in the
making. The seed of it may be found in the growing
spirit of greed through which men endeavor to get something for nothing. The seed is gaining ground in the disturbing
elements which have begun to threaten the harmony between industry and its workers. Subversive philosophies will find a convenient
soil for the germination of this seed, in the labor organizations. Here is where the discord will become first
obvious. Professional agitators will work their way
into the labor organizations and use them as a means of undermining American Industry. The disturbance may result in some form of
revolution that will strike at the very roots of the foundation stones of Americanism, but
it will run its course and the American people will recover from the shock. The people will begin to search for a way
out, as the American people always do when overtaken by an emergency. Then your big opportunity will have arrived! The period of reconstruction of the American
way of life will have begun, and the philosophy you will have organized by Going the Extra
Mile will become, of necessity, the means by which harmony will be restored. If you fail to see this picture as I have
painted it, your failure will be mine also, because I have chosen you as my emissary to
carry out the greatest assignment I have ever given to any man. If you do your work as I believe you can do
it, the whole world will be richer because of your labor—richer not only in material
things, but richer in spiritual understanding, without which no form of riches can long endure.

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